Who is Joey Mulinaro? Impersonator fails to recognize Kyle Chandler, Internet slams it as 'bullsh** slander'

Who is Joey Mulinaro? Impersonator fails to recognize Kyle Chandler, Internet slams it as 'bullsh** slander'
Joey Mulinaro posted a picture of Kyle Chandler and captioned it, 'Another famous guy we all know but absolutely refuse to know his name' (Instagram, Getty Images)

Twitter saw many of its users share pictures of known personalities and lesser-known faces on Tuesday, March 29, 2021, as they indulged in a bizarre trend about not recognizing a few of them by their names. The trend appears to have been triggered by a post shared by the radio host and sports impersonator Joey Mulinaro, who posted a picture of actor Kyle Chandler and captioned it, "Another famous guy we all know but absolutely refuse to know his name". 

The post didn't take long to gather attention, for many were irked with the fact that Mulinaro didn't know the actor's name, while the others began sharing their own opinion about not knowing certain personalities owing to their irrelevance. Social media users soon started trending Chandler, to bring awareness to Mulinaro and some showed their love for the 'Homefront' star. 


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Who is Joey Mulinaro?

Mulinaro is a 26-year-old sports radio host and impersonator from Indianapolis. He rose to prominence after sharing his first video a day before Thanksgiving last year, which saw him impersonate Nick Saban. The viral video has clocked around 1.7 million views since. 


He hosts a one-hour college football radio show I Saturdays, called 'The Tailgate' on 107.5 'The Fan in Indy'. Talking about the popularity of the viral video he once told during the show, "This is not meant to be a brag, but I’ve just always [had] the ability to hear a person or watch a person a handful of times, and I can get them down pretty decently well."

It was reported in March 2020 that he was leaving Indianapolis to move to New York, where he would be joining Barstool Sports and create videos for the brand. He has gathered a huge fan following across different platforms with his impression of college football coaches, sport, and media personalities. Reportedly,  his impression of LSU head coach Ed Orgeron made him a favorite of ESPN 104.5 in Baton Rouge.


When asked what is the end goal in his career, he told USA Today in an interview, he said, "Saturday Night Live for sure. I’ve struck a chord with people in the college football world, which is really great. I’m really thankful, and I have so much fun with it and love doing it. But definitely, there are other impressions I do, there are other skits I’ve done that don’t involve impressions"

Kyle Chandler (Getty Images)

'Kyle Chandler does not deserve this level of disrespect'

When more and more Twitter users called out Mulinaro for not knowing who Chandler was, he tweeted, "I don’t doubt it. I’ve seen him in a million things lol just never would have believed his name was “Kyle” until today" in response to one following who said the actor is in "top 10". Responding to the outrage his previous posts sparked, he said in another tweet, "You guys are into Kyle Chandler. Noted."



However, people have continued to express their disappointment in Mulinaro, with a lot of them tweeting critically of him for his opinion of the famous actor. One angry follower tweeted, "This is KYLE CHANDLER and he’s literally the REASON my husband and I became bf and gf. THE DISRESPECT." Another added, "Kyle Chandler does not deserve this level of disrespect".

One tweeted, "I will not tolerate this bullsh*t Kyle Chandler slander" Another wrote, "This is just plain ignorance. This is Kyle Chandler and he is one of the best ones out there! He was meant to play #CoachTaylor and @FNL is still one of the best shows ever made. #cleareyes #fullhearts"





Chandler made his screen debut in 1988 with the television film 'Quiet Victory: The Charlie Wedemeyer Story'. He landed a leading role in the CBS series 'Early Edition' from 1996to 2000, for which he won a Saturn Award for Best Actor in Television. His other acting credits include 'What About Joan?', 'Grey's Anatomy', 'Friday Night Lights' and 'King Kong' among others. 

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