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SPOOKY: CCTV footage shows apparition of 'Victorian lady in a dress' outside Mississippi home

Home-owner Kimberley Carlyle was alerted by her motion-sensored CCTV camera which spotted a couple of misty figures walking past
The apparition was spotted in the surveillance footage of a house (Youtube screenshot/Disclose Screen The Grimreefar)
The apparition was spotted in the surveillance footage of a house (Youtube screenshot/Disclose Screen The Grimreefar)

WAYNESBORO, MISSISSIPPI: Ghosts, phantoms, apparitions - the search for evidence of supernatural entities around us never ends. Now, a shocking video has surfaced that features an apparent floating apparition caught on the surveillance camera of a home in Mississippi. The footage was captured by home-owner Kimberley Carlyle's motion-activated CCTV camera on October 17. 

In the video accessed by Disclose Screen The Grimreefar, a Youtube channel that frequently shares the "newest UFO sightings and most bizarre videos from across the globe," viewers can make out a figure resembling a lady in a Victorian-style dress. The floating figure seems to walk past a car parked outside the house, accompanied by another figure which is much hazier and difficult to decipher. 


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The channel that focuses on paranormal sightings narrates, "The camera activated at the exact moment that these events took place. Kimberley got an alert on her phone and she is pretty creeped out, to say the least. The impression I'm getting is a lady in a long Victorian-type dress walking by and lifting up the dress as if not to trip over the dress." The narrator further opines that the accompanying figure may be that of a "child or two, or even possibly an animal."

The video, with a little over 1.3K views since it was posted on October 22, received mixed reactions. One user commented, "Oh yea FOR SURE bro!!! I see EXACTLY what you pointed out! And I did also feel like that was a child "below" her, and a second adult, maybe a nanny walking behind her a little bit, but holding the child's hand.... I Also see the Lady duck down her head as if she was entering a house with a short door way... You see this at the very last second before she dissolves away... EXCELLENT VIDEO!!!!" Someone else wrote, "Your description was exactly the way I saw it. Can’t both have the same pareidolia……..can we???"

Others were not as easily convinced. "Sometimes I think chimney smoke or clothes dryer..." wrote a viewer while another said, "I can see why it may look that way. But to me it looks like lights from a car hit fog, smoke or some sort of mist and created the effect. The moving car triggered the camera. Just my opinion."