Ellen reportedly gets 60% of profits from show's ads despite being 'mean' to staff; will those brands be cancelled?

Ellen reportedly gets 60% of profits from show's ads despite being 'mean' to staff; will those brands be cancelled?
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Social media is determined to cancel Ellen DeGeneres one way or the other after her TV show producers confirmed that her daytime talk show was far from getting canceled from the network, despite its poor ratings. The only other way for Gen Z to target Ellen is to go after her advertisers since her show survives on them and a major portion of her million-dollar income comes from the money poured in by ads and product placement. 

In a recent Forbes article, journalist Madeline Berg that DeGeneres made a staggering $87.5 million this year, which included the $20 million she received to create a Netflix stand-up special. As for earning the other $67.5 million, the advertisers on her show had a significant part to play. Being one of the highest-paid celebrities for a decade, DeGeneres still earns more than half of her income from her daily talk show.

And according to the deal she signed with them, 60% of profits that the show yields from advertising, carrying fees and product placement, go straight into her pockets. Companies like Shutterfly, Scotch Tape, Bubly, and Geico are some of the biggest sponsors that invest a major chunk of DeGeneres' show's revenue, according to CCN. And to keep her sponsors happy, the talk show host also taped episodes of her show during the WGA strike, instead of standing in solidarity with her writers. 

Recently, there have been many rumors and reports that Ellen has a very negative off-camera attitude with many people accusing her of being 'mean'. Amid these rumors, there has been some speculation about her show 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' being canceled which her producers have shut down. Reps for the show's production company spoke to NY Post and said that 'Telepictures can confirm it's untrue'. 

Ellen DeGeneres attends the 77th Annual Golden Globe Awards at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on January 05, 2020, in Beverly Hills, California. (Getty Images)

As the talk show host refuses to address the rumors against her, the ratings of DeGeneres's show reportedly fell 14% as the latest Season 17 recorded a low viewership of 1.2, which put her show behind shows like 'Live with Kelly and Ryan,' which had a 2.0 and 'Dr. Phil' with a 1.5. Previously, it hit its lowest point when it tied with 'Dr. Phil' at 1.5. But even after that, it showed no signs of improving and instead, continued to slide in popularity. 

We reported earlier that DeGeneres' net worth has remained unshaken among negative rumors circulating online. According to Celebrity Net Worth, DeGeneres' worth is estimated at $490 million. The impressive number has shown no signs of slacking even as the daytime host is incessantly attacked on social media. Journalist Jenzia Burgos told StyleCaster that even if the Ellen Show is no longer on air, DeGeneres would still be fine.“The 62-year-old comedian has made so much money from her career, she could survive anything at this point – even cancelation,” the journalist said.

It was earlier reported that despite the negative news about her behavior, the popularity of the talk show host continues to soar, meaning that her fanbase has not been affected by the backlash. “Ellen’s been in our homes for so long, it’ll take a lot more than a bodyguard and a blogger to change how people feel about her,” an insider said. “Her best response is just being happy Ellen on the show every day.”

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