These spoilers from episode 1 and 2 of The Twilight Zone's reboot will sure get you in the mood for some surreal horror

These spoilers from episode 1 and 2 of The Twilight Zone's reboot will sure get you in the mood for some surreal horror

This article contains spoilers for 'The Twilight Zone.'

At the very onset of April, will arrive the highly anticipated reboot of the 50s iconic series, 'The Twilight Zone.' Replacing the original's host Rod Serling will be horror-comedy auteur Jordan Peele - the man who won the best original screenplay Oscar for his directorial debut, 'Get Out' in 2018. But if that isn't enough to thrill fans of the original Twilight Zone, about the upcoming reboot premiering April Fool's Day, here are some spoilers from the first two episodes dropping this coming Monday, to get you in the mood.  

The first episode, titled 'The Comedian,' features real-life comedic genius Kumail Nanjiani, but while his real-life career is still reaching milestones every single day, on the show we see him a failed comedian, whose only source of content is his personal life. He picks people and instances from his life for material to play with on his sets because somehow that really gets his audience buzzing.


Soon this whole personal life-inspired comedy gains him internet fame as he goes deeper into the habit of using people as punchlines, but staying true to the show's theme of horror, there's a price he must pay. Almost serving as a cosmic warning, Nanjiani's character soon starts realizing the people from his personal life that he turns into a punchline, end up disappearing from his life. As spooky as that seems, the episode comes with a lesson in there somewhere - a very simple one, viewers might find themselves agreeing with - and that is the charm of the episode.

The second episode, even though lacking in simplicity like the first, has its own personal charm, and that is its name and plot inspired by an episode from the original version of the show. Titled 'Nightmare at 30,000 Feet,' the rebooted episode is set in an airplane exactly like the original ('Nightmare at 20,000 Feet') was.

But while the original's element of horror was a gremlin-like monster on the plane's wing, that only the protagonist could see, in the remake, we find horror stemming from a mystery mp3 player that has an eerie podcast playing.


The protagonist of the second episode is an investigative journalist, and also the one who finds the mp3 player. Played by Adam Scott, the character starts listening to the podcast and soon finds out it holds information that could hurt the flight. In a classic tale of a passenger going bats**t crazy, we find Scott's character going insane just the way William Shatner's did in the original version of the episode.

But the fact that the character's fear is stemming from a weird mp3 player's podcast, is slightly ridiculous. However, while the source of horror might not be something as serious as a monster, twists and turns are aplenty and make for a terrifying experience.

'The Twilight Zone' reboot, directed, co-written, and hosted by Peele, arrives April 1 with its first two episodes, only on CBS All Access.

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