EXCLUSIVE | Omega X members showcase 'sexier vibe' in ‘Love Me Like’ album concept

EXCLUSIVE | Omega X members showcase 'sexier vibe' in ‘Love Me Like’ album concept
Omega X talk about their second mini album with MEAWW (Spire Entertainment)

Omega X is a new boy group that debuted in June 2021. However, they stood out because all the members have been part of K-pop groups in the past or participated in survival shows. So they had the experience that they then transferred to their Omega X group performances and stage presence. Following back-to-back comebacks that showcased their "charm", Omega X have now released ‘Love Me Like’, their first mini-album of 2022.

Omega X released the second mini-album of their career, ‘Love Me Like,’ on January 5. While some of the members were diagnosed with Covid-19, they have recovered and are back stronger than ever. MEAWW had a chance to ask the K-pop group about their new release, how they prepared for it and future projects. In this exclusive interview with MEAWW, Omega X discussed ‘Love Me Like’, their past experiences as idols and hopes of organizing a charity concert for fans all over the world. 

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Xen shares, 'We wanted to show our wide spectrum of talents' (Spire Entertainment)

MEAWW: Congratulations on your newest album! What was the inspiration behind ‘Love Me Like’ and what message are you trying to share?


XEN: We wanted to remind everyone of Omega X, and also wanted to show our wide spectrum of talents.

JUNGHOON: Since this album’s title is ‘Love Me Like’, the title track also contains a broad meaning of "love me more". I hope everyone listening to our album gets an opportunity to think more about love.

MEAWW: Give us some TMIs about preparing for ‘Love Me Like’?


HYUK: I remember practising choreography while shooting the music video because we had to learn the choreography in a very short time.

JEHYUN: When we were filming the music video, the space for our group dance scene was very small so I nearly knocked over a pillar. It was captured on a camera too, I thought it was quite funny.

Hyuk reveals, 'We had to learn the choreography in a very short time' (Spire Entertainment)

MEAWW: We even had some of the members writing and making the songs in this album like ‘Liar’ and ‘Please’! How did that happen?

JAEHAN: ‘Liar’ is about daily life that anyone can encounter. As a group, Omega X has presented more powerful songs, but we wanted to share something different in this album. We also performed a band version of ‘Liar’ in our showcase to show the various styles and performances we can do.


YECHAN: I participated in writing ‘Liar.’ I personally like songs with lyrics and vibe that make me feel like I exist somewhere else, so I really wanted to focus on details to create such music. ‘Liar’ is about feeling apologetic to those that we love and want to protect.

HANGYEOM: When I write lyrics or compose music, I pretend to be a character in a drama. So I asked Jaehan a lot about the story behind ‘Liar’ when writing lyrics for that song. ‘Please’ came together very quickly because I was quite moody at the time. I think it’s a very relatable breakup song.


Jaehan says, 'I would like to produce an album with the members' (Spire Entertainment)

MEAWW: How cool would it be if we got an album where each of the tracks would be made by all of the members like a self-produced album? Is there a possibility? I’m sure fans would love it!


JAEHAN: Right now we don’t have any plans for it, but when we get the right opportunity I would like to produce an album with the members. I think we can produce a great album with each member’s unique strength.

MEAWW: How is ‘Love Me Like’ different from your past releases?

HWICHAN: ‘Love Me Like’ is definitely a more conceptual song with mature and sexy feels.


TAEDONG: Compared to our previous title tracks, ‘Love Me Like’ gives a more sexy vibe with a flute sound.

Taedong explains how 'Love Me Like' is different from their past releases (Spire Entertainment)

MEAWW: What would you say is the killing point in the title track ‘Love Me Like’?

JUNGHOON: The flute dance.

JEHYUN: I think the duet choreography of me and Jaehan is the killing point.

MEAWW: Which B-side from this album would you like to perform live for fans?

YECHAN: I’d like to perform ‘Liar’ and ‘Please’. These are perfect to sing as if we’re talking, so you can expect different versions in every performance.


HANGYEOM: I’d pick ‘Please’ because the members recorded it really well.

Yechan says his favorite b-sides to perform are 'Liar' and 'Please' (Spire Entertainment)

MEAWW: If the members could switch parts in ‘Love Me Like’, whose would you all want?


XEN: I’m perfectly happy with my part.

SEBIN: I think my part is the best!

JAEHAN: I want to take Xen’s opening verse in ‘Love Me Like.’ I have always wanted to try rap.

Kevin reveals a shocking behind-the-scene incident while filming the music video (Spire Entertainment)

MEAWW: Like your previous music videos, the music video for ‘Love Me Like’ was amazing. Are there any fun behind-the-scenes stories while filming for it?

KEVIN: We almost fell over a pillar while filming a group dance scene in a banquet hall.

TAEDONG: I remember it was really cold, so even during short breaks we grabbed all the clothes and stuck with each other very closely.


MEAWW: Is there any concept that you haven’t tried before that you think would be perfect for Omega X?

JEHYUN: I think having title tracks similar to ‘Liar’ or ‘Please’ would suit us well too.

HWICHAN: I think one of many pros of Omega X is that there are many of us so we can work with any concept. I’m confident that we can fit into any genre.


Hwichan says, 'I’m confident that we can fit into any genre' (Spire Entertainment)

MEAWW: We have to ask, you guys all have experience as idols from your past groups and survival shows, and are all leaders in Omega X. Is it easier when making decisions as a group?


JAEHAN: In my opinion, being on the actual stage is very different from being just in a training room. Even though you do well in the training, it’s still hard to show 100% on the actual stage. Since Omega X members have a lot of stage and performance experiences, it definitely helps us.

YECHAN: Having been in a group before Omega X actually helped us to build our own teamwork much faster. In addition, survival shows require completing missions in a very short time. Such experience trained us to really focus and produce great results in a short comeback prep time.


Sebin talks about Omega X's stage dominance (Spire Entertainment)

MEAWW: You guys already have a strong identity and color as Omega X. How do you make sure it shows in your music?


SEBIN: We really tried to bring out the stage dominance! Please keep an eye on it.

JUNGHOON: With songs that are written by our members, we tried to not only show our colors but also expand our spectrum of identity. Hope everyone enjoys it.

TAEDONG: For this title track, we included more sexiness and mature feeling on top of powerful sides from previous albums.


Hangyeom thanks fans (Spire Entertainment)

MEAWW: In just half a year, you guys already have two successful comebacks and are also nominated at huge award shows like Golden Disc Awards and Seoul Music Awards. How does it feel?


JAEHAN: All thanks to our super supportive fans. I’m also thankful for our members who never stopped, but foremost, I’m most thankful for our incredible fans.

HANGYEOM: I’m so thankful, I feel like I’m dreaming. I’m always thankful for the incredible love from For X [Omega X fandom]. We’re currently nominated but hopefully we can win an award. We’ll continue working hard for that day.


MEAWW: You guys have experimented with a lot of genres. What kind of project would you like to try next? Can we get any hints as to what you’re planning in 2022?

KEVIN: I want to try an album with a more pure concept. We will be back with more albums in 2022, hopefully, no injury for anybody, and I hope to win awards this year.

HYUK: Omega X has its own color but I also want to try a fresh concept. In 2022, just like 2021, we will continue growing and working for For X.


Junghoon wants to meet fans (Spire Entertainment)

MEAWW: It must be hard debuting during the pandemic and not being able to meet your fans, but things are slowly getting better. Any plans for an offline concert or even a world tour for your fans soon?


HWICHAN: If things get better, I want to do a charity concert for For X around the world.

XEN: Nothing is certain yet because of Covid-19, but we continue discussing positively about tour and concerts with our company!

JUNGHOON: I really want to do a tour to meet our international fans as soon as things get better. I also want to do more offline events in Korea, including fan meetings and concerts.


JEHYUN: I just want to be anywhere For X are. Hopefully, we can meet face to face soon.

Jehyun adds, 'We’ll only show you our better sides' (Spire Entertainment)

MEAWW: Finally, any last words for your fans who were waiting for you?


SEBIN: We really worked hard on this album, so please show your love and support!

XEN: We’re gonna surprise you even more next time so y’all better hold onto your handles.

JAEHAN: We released three albums within six months, and this is the most confident one in my opinion. We put it together in a short time but definitely put more focus into it, so you won’t be disappointed!


KEVIN: Thank you for waiting for us as always. We will come back cooler every time to make up for the time you wait. Hope you all stay with us along the way!

YECHAN: For this year, I’m really confident that we’ll entertain you greatly with more activities, stages, and music, starting with ‘Love Me Like.’ Thank you so much for your support and love, and I hope we grow together for a better future! Love you For X.


Omega X during their 'Love Me Like' showcase (Spire Entertainment)

HANGYEOM: We’ll grab your hearts with spectacular changes, so stay tuned♡ I love you For X♡


JUNGHOON: Omega X is back with yet another look! Please give us a lot of support!❤

HYUK: We’re back much sexier, definitely different from ‘Vamos’ and ‘What’s Goin’ On’, so hope you pay attention to each and every one of us!! Love you For X.

JEHYUN: As much as you waited for us, we will never stop. We’ll only show you our better sides. Thank you always.

HWICHAN: Thank you, For X, for your constant support. To give back your love, we’ll work harder to impress you more.


TAEDONG: The reason for our quick comeback was all For X. I want to meet you and show you what we have prepared as soon as possible. Even though we spent a short time on it, ‘Love Me Like’ is an album filled with hard work and love, so please look forward to it.

Watch the music video for ‘Love Me Like’ below.



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