'Sperminator' Ari Nagel to have 50th child after donating to 18-year-old homeless girl in same-sex relationship

'Sperminator' Ari Nagel to have 50th child after donating to 18-year-old homeless girl in same-sex relationship

Ari Nagel, also known as the Sperminator, has made his 50th successful semen donation.

This time, the 43-year-old New York college professor, picked Kaienja Garrick as the mother of his latest child, a girl, who has already been named Kaidee. Garrick, the mother-to-be, is 18 years old and is currently homeless, staying at East River Family Center in East Harlem.

The baby girl is due on July 12 and will be the 15th baby Nagel has helped conceived in just this one year.

He met the pregnant mother last fall after she came across his services online and, shortly after, Nagel made his contribution.

On Mother's Day last month, Garrick posted on Facebook, "I will never forget the day I conceive you." The post was in memory of the day Nagel left his donation in a cup. 

Ari Nagel, 43, is about to have his 50th baby via sperm donation (Source: Facebook)

Nagel, a math professor at the City University of New York, currently has his brood adding up to 48. He is famous for donating sperm for free.

Garrick is in a same-sex relationship and was inspired to get pregnant after practically raising her seven-year-old sister before moving out of her mother's home in Jamaica, Queens, due to arguments.

She searched online for a way to avoid paying a heavy sum to conceive.

Now, her girlfriend Decontee Slobert and her are getting ready for the baby's arrival.

In a Facebook post, she said: "May not be here yet but just know both of your mothers' love you and we just can't wait to meet you Kaidee see you soon my princess & happy Mother's Day to all the amazing mothers aunts grandmothers nieces cousins or however you are considered a mother."

Garrick and Slobert have also asked people to buy the items from a baby registry list that adds up to more than $2,000.

A photo of the baby-shower cake posted by Garrick on Facebook

Her Georgia-based father Keron Garrick had helped plan a baby shower back in May, which Nagel attended. He gifted the mom-to-be a Google reading device.

Some of Nagel's other mothers attended the shower, too, but Garrick couldn't meet all of them as she arrived late.

Speaking to the New York Post, she said: "They were great and I'm so grateful." She also quipped that she'll get her baby to ask about the backgrounds of potential dates as Nagel "has so many kids, you don't know who the siblings could be."

Posting a photo of gift unwrapping and a cake featuring the baby scan, the expectant mother shared on Facebook: "Thank you so much Ari if it wasn't for you there would be no Kaidee."

Garrick also attended her prom with her partner Slobert—who lives in another shelter with her mother and brother. The couple went to the event as "pregnant mommies" on Friday. Nagel, however, had no clue how old the high school mom-to-be was when he agreed to father her child, neither did he care.


Garrick (L) and her partner Slobert (R) attending prom as pregnant mothers (Source: Facebook)

Garrick's partner Slobert isn't at school right now but intends to finish high school someday and work as an engineer.

While the Sperminator thinks Garrick will make an amazing parent, her own mother disapproves of the decision.

Garrick has denied child support, which some of Nagel's other co-parents have. Nagel also had hinted that he may not have the kind of funds to provide what her baby needs.

"Although I struggle financially, I feel rich with joy and love and am so blessed to be a part of so many wonderful families," Nagel told the Post. "It would be crazy if I was raising them on my own, but there are over 50 amazing, loving moms that are doing a great job raising the children."


According to his dating profiles, Nagel is a 6ft 3in Jewish man with a graduate degree who never smokes. He does drink alcohol sometimes and works out.

The Brooklyn resident whose sun sign is Leo, asks in his profile: "Are you ready to make love your greatest aim? I want to meet someone who will experience the joy of falling in love with me and then you will get it back in abundance."

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