Zendaya trolled over ‘Space Jam 2’ voice-over: 'This s**t doesn't sound like Lola Bunny'

Zendaya got people talking about how her vocals did not really go well with the character of Lola Bunny in ‘Space Jam 2’

                            Zendaya trolled over ‘Space Jam 2’ voice-over: 'This s**t doesn't sound like Lola Bunny'
Zendaya is voicing Lola Bunny in ‘Space Jam 2’ (Chris Pizzello-Pool/Getty Images/[email protected])

Zendaya, who will be voicing Lola Bunny in the Lebron James starrer ‘Space Jam: A New Legacy’, was trending on Twitter over the weekend after a new clip of hers in the animated avatar surfaced on the internet. In order to promote the new animated feature, ESPN aired an ad on June 6 parodying its own documentary series '30 for 30' with a short mockumentary titled ‘The Bunny & The GOAT’, as reported by Complex.

In the short clip that surfaced on Twitter, we could see Zendaya as Lola Bunny explaining to Bugs Bunny how Lebron ended up in another dimension alongside the Looney Tunes. The 24-year-old award-winning actress then soon got the internet talking about how her vocals did not really go well with the character of Lola as many social media users felt something was off with her delivery. It got the internet divided as some also came out in support of the actress, saying it was not really a big deal.

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Who voiced the original Lola Bunny?

The animated character of Lola Bunny first appeared in 1996 and has been voiced by many actresses. However, for the majority of the Looney Tunes series, Lola’s character was voiced by Kath Soucie. The talented voice actress voiced Lola in ‘Space Jam’ (1996), ‘Tweety's High-Flying Adventure’ (2000), ‘Looney Tunes Racing’ (2000), ‘Looney Tunes: Space Race’ (2000), ‘Looney Tunes’ webtoons (2001–2005), ‘Looney Tunes Dance Off’ (2010) and ‘New Looney Tunes’ (2015-2020). Then, actress, comedian, writer and producer Kristen Wiig also took on the responsibility from 2011 to 2014 to voice Lola in ‘The Looney Tunes Show’. She ended up winning the People's Choice Voice Acting Award in 2011 after receiving several nods for the same.

Controversy over Lola Bunny’s look

Lola Bunny’s character was also in news recently for its look. The new Lola Bunny was given a looser-fitting uniform instead of short shorts and crop top from the original 1996 film. Speaking on the same, film director Malcolm D Lee told Entertainment Weekly how he was caught off guard by the “very sexualized” depiction of Lola and wanted the revamped version to “reflect the authenticity of strong, capable female characters,” especially since she’s now considered to be the team’s “best non-LeBron player”. Speaking of 'Space Jam: A New Legacy', the film is all set to be released theatrically and on HBO Max in the United States on July 16, 2021, by Warner Bros Pictures.



‘They made her mouth move too fast’

Reacting to the latest clip of Zendaya voicing Lola Bunny, many social media users logged into Twitter where a majority of them explained the issue behind the actress’ vocal delivery while others extended their support. One said, “I mean…I know it’s Zendaya’s voice and she sounds JUST like Zendaya but that shit doesn’t sound like Lola Bunny to me I’m sorry.” Another shared, “The lip sync seems off to me. like they made her mouth move too fast for what zendaya was saying. also it really does not feel like lola.” One added, “The trailer was decent, but this just killed it for me. Nothing against Zendaya but she’s not voicing Lola she’s voicing Zendaya. But ya know if they don’t hire a recognizable name for a voice it’s not marketable, because ya know capitalism.”
The next one tweeted, “I don’t like this as much as I was hoping, but I also don’t think Zendaya is the issue here. It’s the lip syncing. The way they drew Lola’s mouth isn’t working with Zendaya’s delivery. They should’ve given Lola’s mouth more shape range than the “O” sound and the “E” sound.” One stated, “Not all good actors are good voice actors and that’s ok. this is why voice actors exist.” One individual however came out in support and explained, “Lola’s original voice actress has a nondeadly disease that stole her voice box during the filming of the new space jam and she specifically picked zendaya bc she felt like her voice offered a new twist to the role. i think it’s really disrespectful that you guys are judging.” Speaking on the same lines, one added, “Why are people hating on Zendaya as Lola?” Another concluded, “I’m genuinely so confused. lola bunny voiced by zendaya sounds like lola bunny voiced by zendaya, why are people so up in arms about this??”

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