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'Southern Charm' Season 8: Fans call Kathryn 'hot mess', say she's 'her own worst enemy'

While Kathryn was all set to storm out of her own party, fans were less than amused with her antics
UPDATED JUN 24, 2022
Kathryn Dennis in 'Southern Charm' (Bravo)
Kathryn Dennis in 'Southern Charm' (Bravo)

When it comes to resolving a feud, it ideally helps when both parties are on the same page. However, in the Season 8 premiere of 'Southern Charm', it looks like neither Kathryn Dennis nor Naomie Olindo got the said memo. Picking up right where they left off, it looks as though the ladies are back to pointing fingers at each other at the drop of a hat.

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With Naomie back in Charleston, it seemed as though she and Kathryn were ready to move on from their past, with Kathryn going as far as to invite her to the 30th birthday celebration as well. However, upon Naomie's arrival, Kathryn felt as though she was being snubbed and expected Naomie to come to talk to her and apologize. Naomie did nothing of the sort, even though she claimed to sense a 'f--k you' energy from Kathryn. The tension between the two built up through the night and finally erupted in a fight, with Kathryn leaving her own party. While Kathryn's bad blood with Naomie had her distracted from her own party, fans were distracted by Kathryn's lipstick, which was smudged and smeared all across her face.

While she did explain that she was using retinol and was peeling as a result of it, the splotchy makeup did her no favors. "Who was Kathryn kissing in the bathroom? Lipstick all over her face isn’t a good look. #SouthernCharm" tweeted a fan. "Nobody is gonna tell Kathryn to clean her face before taking pics?? Where are your friends girl?? #SouthernCharm" said another. "Why won’t someone drag Kathryn to the bathroom and touch up her face?! Also did her lip color totally change mid party? #SouthernCharm" asked another. "#SouthernCharm" tweeted a fan. 





And while that could have very well been the side effects of the retinol use, fans however were convinced that it might have been the side effects of Kathryn having one too many drinks. "Kathryn is a hot mess lol. Is she drinking? #SouthernCharm" asked a fan. "Kathryn is & always had been her own worst enemy #SouthernCharm" tweeted another. 



What do you think? Will Naomie and Kathryn finally let things go this season? Or are you looking forward to more drama between them? Sound off in the comments below. 

Southern Charm Season 8 airs on Thursdays at 9/8c on Bravo. 

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