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Who is Sound Sultan's wife? Rapper dies at 44 after battle with throat cancer

Veteran Nigerian rappper, Sound Sultan, died after his short lived cancer battle and is survived by wife Chichi Morah and three kids
UPDATED JUL 11, 2021
Sound Sultan (L) is survived by wife Chichi Morah and three children (Instagram: @soundsultan)
Sound Sultan (L) is survived by wife Chichi Morah and three children (Instagram: @soundsultan)

Nigerian rapper Sound Sultan has died at the age of 44. The musician, real name Olanrewaju Fasasi, lost his battle to throat cancer, family member Dr Kayode Fasasi announced. “It is with heavy heart that we announce the death of multi -talented veteran singer, Rapper, Song Writer, Olarenwaju Fasasi AKA Sound Sultan," Dr Fasasi said in a statement, adding that Sultan "passed away at the age of 44, following a hard fought battle with Angioimmunoblastic T-cell Lymphoma."

He requested fans to respect the mourning family's privacy as they try to cope with the untimely death of a rapper who had amassed incredible fame and fan following in the US after songs like 'Bushmeat" went viral. 

Sultan is "survived by his wife, three children and his siblings," Dr Fasasi said in the statement, adding: “We, his family will appreciate utmost privacy as we come to grips with this tragic loss.”


But Sultan's diagnosis hadn't happened ages ago; the popular rapper was diagnosed with cancer recently in April 2021. Shortly after, he was moved to America, where he was reportedly undergoing treatment and chemotherapy, which also saw reduced activity from him on social media. Many fans grew worried about the lack of content from the prolific musician, but maybe he was just taking a page out of his beloved wife and long-term partner Chichi Morah's book. 


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Who is Sound Sultan's wife?

Sultan and Morah wed in the fall of 2009 - their marriage a vivid emblem of what it means to be mindful of each others pet peeves. Together, the couple expanded into a family of five, with three beautiful children.

Morah, who was previously of Christian faith, embraced Sultan's religion Islam, following their wedding. Sultan, who was from the Igbo ethnic group, addressed claims of his wife being forced to change her religion, saying: “No one force anyone to do a religion. It just happens that she married me and she really...really was in love with the religion herself,” reports Modern Ghana. After tying the knot, Morah also took up the Muslim name, Farida, and followed her husband's faith. 

Back in 2017, long before he was diagnosed with cancer, Sultan had once opened up about what made his and Morah's marriage work. Speaking to the outlet Saturday Beats at the time, Sultan had claimed how Morah didn't like the limelight - blaming social media for break ups of big names in the entertainment industry. 

“No marriage is perfect just like you have feuds in families and they settle within themselves. It is the people that you are closest to that get you angry the most compared to people that you probably see once in a week because you don’t live with the person so you cannot truly know the person’s character," Sultan had commented on the relationship he and Morah had built over the years. "If you have a family member that you think you do not see eye to eye, they are the ones that have your back. At the end of the day, you need to understand the concept of family before you make a decision or make a spectacle of whatever you have going on in your life," said the gushing family man.

In the same interview, Sultan, who had been with Morah for a little under a decade at the time, also claimed, "Social media has been responsible for a lot of marriage and relationship break-ups. I have a song that speaks on this sort of thing. I am always online every day just like every other person but the truth is that you do not know who is praying for you and those who do not want you to exist."

But it was, however, his wife's disinterest in having attention on herself that he felt really grateful for. "My wife does not even like the limelight at all," Sultan had explained, adding: "If she is at an event with me, you would not even know she is my wife, you would just see her as one of the guests with the way she would blend with people. Without me taking all the glory, I think that has helped my marriage."