'Soulmates' Episode 2 Preview: Is Alison David's real match or does she want something to do with his wife?

'Soulmates' Episode 2 Preview: Is Alison David's real match or does she want something to do with his wife?

AMC's new sci-fi romance thriller 'Soulmates' is pretty much 'Black Mirror' with a romance and relationship spin on the six individual stories making it up an anthology. In a word set in the not so distant future, there's a scientific test to clinically figure out a person's true romantic match - the titular soulmate. The matches come and go as people in relationships -- married or otherwise -- struggle with the knowledge of having a soulmate out there who is not the partner they are currently involved with, and things, as expected don't have the most positive outcomes all the time. Looks like that will be the case for Episode 2's protagonist David (David Costabile), whose scientifically determined soulmate somehow ends up befriending his wife. 

According to the official synopsis provided by AMC, the episode titled 'The Lovers' revolves around David, whose "life is turned upside down when Alison (Sonya Cassidy) presents him with proof she's his soul mate; they start a torrid affair, but everything may not be what it seems." 

This episode has more of 'Black Mirror' vibes than just romance, as opposed to the previous episode 'Watershed' where Sarah Snook's Nikki is married to Kingsley Ben-Adir's Franklin, but constantly wonders if she takes the test, would that solve their fizzling romance? In Episode 2, David is a married man. He is a professor of art married to a gorgeous woman in what looks like a comfortable life. That is until, as shown in the episode trailer, Alison pops up. She presents him with proof that they are matches based on the SoulConnex test that clinically determines one's soulmate.

The trailer shows David admitting that the moment he met Alison, he just knew there was something about her as if he had known her his entire life. A montage of what looks like sex scenes pass by and it becomes obvious that despite being married to a beautiful woman, David is pursuing something forbidden with this random stranger who shows up out of nowhere. It all seems fun and games until a scene in the trailer shows Alison at David's house, being introduced to him by none other than his own wife. David's wife tells him Alison has taken the test, and the latter puts up a front that is blatantly showcasing her facade of not knowing who David is. 

This leads to speculation that maybe Alison showed up in David's life only to get to his wife; could it be that David's wife is her original match but she doesn't want to come off as improper by propositioning a married woman? There's also the possibility that Alison and David's wife are up to something bigger -- a more elaborate scheme where they are working together and David is the actual victim here. Knowing sci-fi thrillers and their twists it wouldn't be too far fetched a possibility to deduce. The whole 'everything may not be what it seems' alarm in the synopsis only adds to speculations of a suspicious revenge plan against David.

'Soulmates' airs on Mondays at 10/9c only on AMC.

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