Soulja Boy roasted for claiming he made BAPE popular: 'He forgot about Pharrell'

Soulja Boy came under fire for claiming he was the first rapper who made BAPE popular as many pointed out on social media that it was Pharrell Williams

                            Soulja Boy roasted for claiming he made BAPE popular: 'He forgot about Pharrell'
Soulja Boy, Pharrell Williams and Bape sneakers (Maury Phillips/ Jamie McCarthy/ Getty Images/ [email protected]_us)

Soulja Boy has made quite a long list of being first at several things but his latest claim of being the very first rapper to make BAPE famous got the internet talking. The ‘Crank That’ hitmaker recently appeared on the popular ‘Sneaker Shopping’ with Complex where he said, “I was the first rapper on BAPE period.”

Social media users quickly took to Twitter to put the 30-year-old rapper in his place, reminding him that it was Pharrell Williams, The Clipse, Notorious B.I.G., and Lil Wayne who first introduced BAPE to the mainstream culture. Soulja Boy, who also goes by the name Big Draco, has time and again announced new firsts, leaving the internet in splits. From being the first rapper to release a NFT to being the first rapper to have his own video game console, the list is endless.

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Who brought BAPE into mainstream culture?

While appearing on ‘Sneaker Shopping’ with Complex, the ‘She Make It Clap’ hitmaker asserted, “I understand what they did and it's respectable, but as far as the culture, as far as internet, as far as fashion, as far as the streets, the trap, the trenches, the kids and everything that matter, that was all off of the first album." He then mentioned his attire in the music video for 'Crank That', saying it got “millions and millions of views” adding “They know who started it. They know who set the trend."  

For the unversed, BAPE aka The Bathing Ape is a prominent streetwear clothing line also popular for its sneakers, especially in the hip-hop community. According to Revolt, Soulja Boy had made the same claims in April when he took to Twitter to brag about being the first one to use BAPE in hip-hop. “I made these (N-word) wanna wear BAPE,” followed by a monkey emoji.



‘Soulja gotta stop thinking he the first to everything’

Social media happily reminded Soulja Boy that he was not the first one to make BAPE famous as a few had already done the job before he shot to fame. One user stated, “First person to wear Bape Pharrell. First rap group was clipse. Fist rapper to wear bapestas in a music video was Cassidy. (Hotel). Fist person to introduce the hood to Bape was soulja. First person to introduce Bape to Wayne was Currensy.” Another trolled Soulja Boy saying, “Sooo I guess Pharrell, Lil Wayne, and The Clipse didn’t exist…” One user added, “Wasn’t nobody running to buy Bape because of Biggie though. Soulja Boy, Wayne, and Pharrell sent their sales up like a mf.”
The next user tweeted, “I don’t think Soulja has ever heard of Pharrell.” Another said, "People really think Soulja boy was the first rapper wearing Bape let me know they don’t know sh*t about rap or fashion they forget about Pharrell , Clipse, Fam Lay , and Currensy Mfs don’t even know Currensy was the one that put Wayne on Bape." Meanwhile, one person said, “Soulja can say he was the 1st rapper on Bape noone cares lolz technically the Japanese emulated the earliest forms of Hiphop so their rappers.” And another individual noted, “The whole Bape situation with Soulja Boy is exactly what happens when you let a meme get out of hand lol. Any person older than him & around during the Neptune era knows Pharrell was responsible for introducing it to the culture. Soulja barely had a career then.” One user posted, “Soulja gotta stop thinking he the first to everything. The Clipse, Pharrell & Wayne got claims before he do tbh.” While one concluded, “Pharrell stopped wearing Bape when Soulja Boy STARTED wearing it lol. Don’t play with the goat.”