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Aliyah Hayes: Soulja Boy's 'secret' girlfriend had no idea he was having baby with Jackie

Aliyah Hayes claims she and Soulja Boy have been dating on and off for a decade
Soulja Boy announced on Instagram that he was having his first child with LA-based hairstylist named Jackie (left), leaving his secret girlfriend Aliyah Hayes shocked (Instagram and Daily Mail)
Soulja Boy announced on Instagram that he was having his first child with LA-based hairstylist named Jackie (left), leaving his secret girlfriend Aliyah Hayes shocked (Instagram and Daily Mail)

Soulja Boy announced last month he was having his first child by posting a gender reveal video on Instagram. But his 'secret' girlfriend  also found out on social media like everyone else — and was shocked and hurt.

Aliyah Hayes told Daily Mail that she has been in an on/off relationship with the rapper for more than a decade and was 'heartbroken' on learning that Soulja is expecting a baby with another woman, an LA-based hairstylist named Jackie. And the fact that he made the announcement on social media without telling her first left her 'shattered'. Hayes said that the rapper had recently discussed marriage and children with her.


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Hayes met Soulja for the first time when she was 19. "We met at a Christmas Eve party and it was love at first sight. I thought he was a king," she said. "He was very sweet, very romantic and he just courted me. I could see he was going to be my boyfriend in the future."

When Soulja posted his baby's gender reveal video, Hayes was taken aback. "I found out with the rest of the world and I thought we were best friends. We were lovers, we've known each other for a decade." 


Hayes continued, "When I saw it, I was devastated, I dropped my phone. My heart dropped into my stomach, I fell over and started crying because I was heartbroken. I thought our future had nothing to do with another woman being pregnant. I found out their gender reveal was very last minute and it just broke my heart."

Speaking of the baby mama Jackie, Hayes said they had met once or twice in the past and that Jackie knew Aliyah was Soulja's girlfriend. "I knew he was friends with her friends, I knew she did hair. When I came across her, she was very nice to me — she knew I was his girlfriend, we would kiss and be close with each other in front of her. I saw her once more at New Year's Eve and I believe she was doing hair. I was his date — it's New Year's Eve and that's a couple's day."

Hayes admitted that her relationship with Soulja has had many ups and downs but according to her, when they reunited last year, it got serious. "He is my boyfriend, we talked back in August and we made it official," she said. "I made that commitment to him that he is the only man I want to be with and vice versa. We've been together ever since. I was at his house, I was also in his YouTube show. He just made it clear that I was the queen and he was the king and that's how we dealt with each other."

Hayes went on to admit, "I was angry [when I saw the video] because I thought that was something we were going to move forward to which is marriage and children, so for him to have done that… I was hurt and heartbroken, just devastated. It was unbelievable. I felt like I was in a nightmare."

Now she is contemplating her future with the rapper and trying to figure out how to pick up the pieces now that a baby is involved.

"I love him unconditionally and I believe he loves me unconditionally as well. I don't believe he wants to change anything about our relationship because loving unconditionally allows people to do what they want to do and still love them," she said. "I'm still healing, I'm still heartbroken so I'm not sure yet but I do love him unconditionally. I will love him for the rest of my life and I truly love him unconditionally as God taught me to."