Missing Texas girl Sophie Long's mom's fiance Jacob Bellington got death threats amid abuse row

Sophie Long had accused her mom's fiance Jacob Bellington of sexually assaulting her, but Bellington says the girl's dad Michael Long made up the story

                            Missing Texas girl Sophie Long's mom's fiance Jacob Bellington got death threats amid abuse row
Sophie Long has been missing since July 12 (GoFundMe)

FRISCO, TEXAS: Sophie Long, 10, who accused her mother’s fiance of sexually assaulting her, was reportedly last seen on July 12 in Seguin, Texas. Long made headlines in 2020 after alleged abuse videos of her went viral. In the videos, she was seen pleading for help and accusing her mother of being a part of the sexual abuse. Now, her mother’s fiance has alleged that he received death threats. 

As per the Texas Department of Public Safety, Long is “believed to be with her non-custodial parent, Michael Long,” and the two “maybe en route” to Arizona, Colorado, Utah, Mexico or Argentina. “Michael Long is possibly driving an off-white 2010 Ford Edge SUV or a gray van with blacked-out windows, a (sic) NRA sticker, and a black rack on top,” the Department of Public Safety said. Her father, 41-year-old Michael, and her mother Kelly, 34, got divorced in July 2015, but the custody battle has not been settled yet.


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Sophie Long, who has gone missing (Texas Missing Persons Clearinghouse Online Bulletin)

Last year, Michael posted a video online of Long in tears during a custody exchange, accusing “Mr. Jake”, Kelly’s fiance Jacob Wayne Bellington, of touching her inappropriately while she was in her mother’s care. Speaking with the Daily Beast, Bellington put forth his side of the story and what happened in the aftermath of these allegations. Bellington denied the allegations. At the same time, a law firm hired by Kelly reportedly claimed that Michael had manipulated Sophie into making false claims of abuse “to turn (her) against her mother”. Her lawyers also claimed, “Michael Long has substantial financial woes, which appears to be the motivation for his attempts to monetize his child custody case. He filed for bankruptcy in 2011 leaving a debt of nearly $500,000.”

Bellington told Daily Beast, “To be honest with you, Michael has wasted more of my time than anyone else in my life. The guy’s a piece of sh*t. I'm trying to piece my family back together, he’s completely ripped it apart. He’s jealous of me. He can’t handle the fact that I invest myself and my time in the kids’ lives. He’s a lazy sack of sh*t who can’t hold a job — supposedly he ‘empowers’ rocks, he finds rocks or ‘mystic sands’ that he’s got on his parents’ property where he lives.”

Michael Long, who is believed to have taken Sophie (Texas Missing Persons Clearinghouse Online Bulletin)

Bellington also said he got death threats several times in the last 10 months. “He went to the depths, getting a child to say they were sexually molested,” Bellington said of Michael. “You can’t get any lower than that. And he’s obviously on the run with her now.”

Michael’s current wife, Kourtney Chalmers, shared on Facebook on July 19 that “Michael is not a stable person for Sophie to be with.” She also said that he had “threatened to flee the country with her.” Chalmers warned, “If you see Michael and Sophie please DO NOT approach them or post it on social media. Call the Guadalupe County Sheriff's Office,” adding, “Let's find her before this situation becomes anymore heartbreaking.”


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