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Sophia Rosing: Drunk Kentucky student arrested for racial attack on Black woman released on $10K bail

Court filings state that Sophia Rosing called Spring the n-word more than 200 times during the violent and racial outburst that was captured on camera
Sophia Rosing is released on bail after her arrest on November 6 (Fayette County Detention)
Sophia Rosing is released on bail after her arrest on November 6 (Fayette County Detention)

LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY: After entering a not-guilty plea to the charges of assault and disorderly conduct, the University of Kentucky student accused of using the n-word more than 200 times while in a drunken frenzy has been released on bail. Sophia Rosing, 22, was detained on November 6 after she accidentally entered the dorms on the Lexington, Kentucky, campus before launching herself at fellow student Kylah Spring, who was manning the front desk.

Court filings state that she called Spring the n-word more than 200 times during the violent and racial outburst that was captured on camera. On November 7, Rosing entered a not-guilty plea to the charges of public intoxication, third-degree assault on a police officer, fourth-degree assault, and second-degree disorderly conduct. She was seen leaving the Fayette County Detention Center later that evening according to Daily Mail. Her parents, Jill and Don Rosing, who paid her a $10,000 bond, accompanied her. Rosing is no longer permitted to speak with Spring or visit Boyd Hall again. In a video, Rosing was seen attacking the second black victim while Spring is attempting to persuade the other black student to sit in a chair. Then, as Rosing tried to remain upright and kept repeating the racial epithet, a University of Kentucky police officer detained her inside the hostel.


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Rosing attempted to strike student Kylah Spring who was working at the front desk of a dorm on campus but was only just able to stand up straight in the video of the event. In the attack's video, Rosing can be heard calling Spring the "n-word" and "b***" as the front desk employee struggles to hold her back and keep her from entering an elevator. After Rosing slipped out of Spring's hands, she questioned, "Could you please stop?" Rosing said, "Nope," just as Spring attempted to re-grab her. When Rosing kept using the racial epithet, Spring exclaimed, "Ooh Jesus, I do not get paid enough for this." Before a voice off-camera informed Spring, "I've got this all on video," Rosing repeatedly retorted, "Exactly and you're n-word and you're a b****."

According to WKYT, Spring informed University of Kentucky police officers during her rant that she receives "special treatment" because she has "loads of money." Officers attempted to place her under custody but she "kicked and bit" the officers, according to court filings. Just before 4 am on November 6, University Police were eventually able to detain Rosing in response to the now widely publicized incident. Students at the university are now demanding Rosing's dismissal from the institution and are imploring President Eli Capilouto to take more action. After Rosing attacked her, Spring posted a message that read, “Eli, as per usual makes a statement that means jack s*** without action. Sophia Rosing needs to be held accountable and expelled for what she did. We will not tolerate this hate on campus.”


Rosing boasted to her fellow pupils that “I'm rich as f*** and you're obviously not,” a year before this heinous incident. She did, however, grow up in a modest Fort Mitchell family home with three bedrooms and two bathrooms where she lived with her parents and brothers as per Daily Mail. In the meantime, Dillard's, a clothing retailer, has fired Rosing for her outburst. According to a Dillard's representative, she participated in the Campus Collective Program. “Dillard's does not condone this behavior. Her relationship with Dillard's has been terminated immediately.”