Sophia Bush shares how she reacted to finding out she was being cast in Incredibles 2 and it's all sorts of cool

Sophia Bush shares how she reacted to finding out she was being cast in Incredibles 2 and it's all sorts of cool
Sophia Bush (Source: Getty Images)

It's time for some 'incredible' power-packed fun, but that totally unnecessary pun aside, the good news is that Sophia Bush has joined the cast of the Incredibles 2! The long awaited sequel is finally set to release in exactly a week from now and along with the original stars reprising their roles even 14 years later, the One Tree Hill alum is all stoked and thrilled about the new role as the animated superhero, Voyd. 

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight Bush revealed her reaction to finding out that she was set to star in the animated movie and also explained the reason behind how excited she was. The said reason is certifiably cool, but what's even cooler is how she was at a restaurant with a company and in the middle of it all, she screamed upon getting the official mail!

"I screamed," said Bush. I was actually at lunch with a friend. I never check email; it's like a thing that I'm sort of famous in my inner circle for. So, I got a text message saying, 'Open your e-mail right now!' I was like, 'OK...' So, I did. There was a letter — like an old-fashioned, beautiful letter that has all the Incredibles characters on the bottom — and it's from Brad Bird, who's the writer and the director, asking me to be in Incredibles 2. I screamed out loud."

She continued: "Everyone in the restaurant turned and I was like, 'Hey! Hi! It's fine. This is why I can't have nice things.' I was beside myself. It's my favorite animated movie ever made, so to be in the sequel is huge!"

While the original 2004 movie being her favorite explains why being cast in the sequel holds such huge significance to her, not much has been explained about the character of Voyd that she's playing in the movie. 

So far, all that is known is that Voyd is an up-and-coming superhero who also happens to be a superfan of Elastigirl, a.k.a. Helen Parr. As is clear from the trailer, Elastigirl has undertaken a high profile new job, while her husband babysits the kids. Voyd isn't present in the trailer, but as per Disney, her superpower is in accordance with her name.

In short - Bush's character can create voids that make objects disappear and reappear. How cool is that!? However, there has been some speculation regarding the character being not an entirely sunshine-and-rainbows one, and actually being a villain in the story - with the whole air of jealousy looming over her, much like the characters of Maleficent and Ursula.


But that's all just speculated fan theories as of yet since nothing has been confirmed. If anything, Voyd isn't the only new character in the sequel. There's Catherine Keener's new character, Evelyn Deavor, who has also been speculated to be the movie's villain.

Commenters on i09 have pointed out how the name "Evelyn Deavor" sounds exactly like "Evil Endeavor," which they think goes beyond just a mere coincidence. There's also Winston Deavor, voiced by Bob Odenkirk, who's Evelyn's brother and the two lead a telecommunications company and have an agenda to make superheroes legal again.


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