Sons of Anarchy spin-off finally given release date, and here's what you can look forward to in Mayans MC world

Sons of Anarchy spin-off finally given release date, and here's what you can look forward to in Mayans MC world
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Today's young adults will never know what growing up with gangs like 'Sons of Anarchy' was. The ardent fans have been without the series for too long and the Riverdale Serpents just don't seem to have that impact; that's right they are more of an eye-roll material when compared to the OG-s like the SOA. But luckily, the gangster drama has a spin-off on the way, finally.

The official Mayans MC account shared the glorious news on their social media accounts, tweeting out: "Eyes on the road. Roll in with the Mayans MC on September 4 on FX." And quite honestly? September could get here sooner!

As per the reports, the show is all set to pick up in a word after Jax Teller. It showcases EZ Reyes (played by JD Pardo), just out of prison, and a prospective Mayan MC along the Cali/Mexico border. What follows is EZ's pursuit to carve out this new outlaw identity of his in the very town where he was considered the quintessential golden boy with the good old American dream in the palm of his hands. 

Edward James Olmos, Sarah Bolger, Clayton Cardenas, Richard Cabral, Michael Irby, Raoul Trujillo, Antonio Jaramillo and Carla Baratta are all starring in the spin-off that is due to arrive this fall. Norberto Barba will be producing the series, along with SOA creator, Kurt Sutter. Elgin James, who had also co-written and co-created the drama with Sutter, is all geared up to co-executive produce the upcoming series. 

Overall, the spin-off will be a Fox 21 Television Studios and FX Productions project.

"Kurt Sutter is a master storyteller and Mayans MC has the raw energy and intensity that are hallmarks of his signature style," FX president of original programming, Nick Grad, told The Hollywood Reporter. "Thanks to Kurt, co-creator Elgin James and this amazing cast, Mayans MC builds on the legacy of Sons of Anarchy, taking it in a thrilling new direction that we can’t wait for the world to see."

The spin-off is also going to star Miami native, Danny Pino, in the character of Miguel Galinda, the son of Galindo Cartel founder Jose Galindo. “With wit, charm and an Ivy League education, he navigates both sides of the border as effortlessly as he juggles his professional and family life. Having mastered success in both legitimate enterprises as well as the family business,” reads the description of Pino's character, according to

As for the rest of its plot, the spin-off is also expected to follow the recurring and main players from SOA. It was announced for the first time back in August 2015 and was scheduled to have its pilot released in December 2016. However, later in July, it was revealed that everything was going to be reshot with certain roles recast too.

That's when Sutter had stepped back as director and Barba was brought in to direct the new pilot.

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