'Songland' Season 2: Bebe Rexha's performance of 'Miracle' leaves fans awestruck

Bebe Rexha's 'amazing' idea of blending Anna Graceman and Greg Scott's songs to create 'Miracle' sent fans in a frenzy

                            'Songland' Season 2: Bebe Rexha's performance of 'Miracle' leaves fans awestruck
Bebe Rexha (Getty Images)

After surprising everybody with her decision to blend two original compositions to create the winning track on 'Songland', Bebe Rexha went on to record the track 'Miracle'. Bebe Rexha appeared on 'Songland' looking for a song that she could perform for promoting the Tokyo Olympics. The hit singer expressed that she was looking for a peppy, upbeat number that would inspire the athletes. The aspiring songwriters rose to the occasion and pitched their best original composition to the Grammy-nominated singer.

After hearing all the fantastic original songs, Bebe was spoilt for choice when it came to picking the winner. She was particularly impressed with the verse and melody of Anna Graceman's song 'Bones', while the hook of Greg Scott's 'Miracle' piqued her interest from the beginning. She wasn't ready to pick one over the other, considering how much she loved the individual aspects of each of the songs. So, the singer finally came up with an innovative solution to pick a winner -- blending the songs. She took the verse and melody of 'Bones' and sang it with the hook of 'Miracle', which sounded pretty good.


Eventually, she declared both Anna Graceman and Greg Scott as the winners, leaving everybody pleasantly surprised. Towards the end of the episode, we saw the final video of Bebe singing 'Miracle'. Although she originally planned on performing it during the Olympics, the Covid-19 pandemic threw everything off-track. So, the singer seems to have decided to record the song anyway despite the much-awaited summer Olympic event being pushed to 2021. 

Fans were instantly hooked to the breath-taking performance of Bebe's 'Miracle' and couldn't stop showering praises upon the singer's idea to mash both the songs. A fan commented, "I didn't even care about her music until she mashed these two songs!!!!! YES!!!!!" "I just came after watching the show!😂 I freaking love this song❤️," wrote a fan. Another fan expressed, "So proud of both the amazing song writers and for Bebe for deciding to mix the two. Such an amazing idea and I am so proud of everyone."

 ‘Songland’ airs every Monday at 10 pm EST only on NBC.

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