'Songland': Bebe Rexha surprises everyone by clubbing two songs to create a winning track for Tokyo Olympics

Bebe Rexha picked the verse and melody of Anna Graceman's song 'Bones' and the hook of Greg Scott's song 'Miracle' to create the winning track

                            'Songland': Bebe Rexha surprises everyone by clubbing two songs to create a winning track for Tokyo Olympics
Anna Graceman, Bebe Rexha, Greg Scott (NBC)

After wowing us with the spectacular premiere season of 'Songland', Season 2 is giving Season 1 a run for its money. From roping in top artists like H.E.R., Florida Georgia Line and Luis Fonsi to getting some of the most talented and promising songwriters, the second season isn’t cutting any corners.

On the latest episode of 'Songland', Bebe Rexha appeared as the guest judge/artist, looking for a song to promote the Tokyo Summer Olympics. Promoting and performing at the Olympics is a big deal and a dream come true situation for any songwriter, be it the amateur ones or the seasoned expert. Bebe explains that she is looking for a peppy and upbeat song that would be in line with the spirit and high-energy levels of the massive global event.

Coaches Shane McAnally, Ester Dean and Ryan Tedder get ready for the challenge at hand as the four talented songwriters line up to perform their original composition. The first contestant to show up is Greg Scott, who hails from Chico, California. He says that he would be performing a song called 'Miracle'. In his introduction, he shares that his wife encouraged him to pursue his dream of songwriting and how the song is all about working hard and never giving up. He also adds that the heart and soul of the song represent everything about the Olympics.

Greg goes on to give a wonderful, high-energy packed performance, which left the judges thoroughly impressed. Bebe talked about how she loved the hook of the song while Ryan couldn’t get enough of the beats and notes. Bebe loved and enjoyed the song 'Miracle' so much so that as soon as Greg left the stage, she immediately rushed to the stage and gave a brief impromptu performance of the track in her signature style.

Greg’s impressive performance was followed by Alyssa Newton’s performance of her song ‘Made for Something’. Alyssa explained the story behind the song. She said it evoked the feeling of confidence and inspired one to work hard to accomplish it. Although the judges enjoyed the beautiful composition, she was eliminated after the first round. After Alyssa followed Anna Graceman. Anna’s song ‘Gold’ was all about the spirit of getting up after falling down. Bebe was just in awe of the melody and verse of the song, although she wasn’t impressed with the hook.

The final performance was by John Vida, who sang 'Crazy Enough'. For the second round, Bebe paired Greg with Ryan, Anna with Shane and John with Ester. For the final performance, Anna sang her reworked song ‘Bones’, which blew Bebe away. While Greg and John performed the tweaked versions of their original song. In the end, when it was time for Bebe to pick the winner, she did something that has never been done on the show. In the past, we have seen artists pick all three performers as the winners, but we have never seen an artist clubbing two songs to create the winning track. She loved the verse and melody of ‘Bones’ and wasn’t ready to give up on the hook of ‘Miracle’, so she decided to club these both tracks to create her own winning track. The episode concluded with Bebe jamming with Anna and Greg on their new song, which she plans on performing to promote Tokyo Olympics.
‘Songland’ airs every Monday at 10pm EST only on NBC.

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