Teenage son charged with killing retired NFL player dad and mom blames their death on prostitution ring

After police officials found no signs of a break-in at Antonio Armstrong's family home, they arrested the teenager on suspicion of the murders.

                            Teenage son charged with killing retired NFL player dad and mom blames their death on prostitution ring

An 18-year-old, Antonio Armstrong Jr., charged for killing his retired National Football League (NFL) player father, Antonio Armstrong, and mother, Dawn, has reportedly blamed a prostitution ring for his parents' death. 

Armstrong Jr. who was 16, at the time, was arrested for his parents' murder in their home in Bellaire, Texas. In July 2016, he told police officials that an intruder killed them. The teenager continues to stand by his statement.



After police officials found no signs of a break-in at their family home, the teenager was arrested on suspicion of the murders. Officials initially reported that the boy had killed his parents in revenge after they punished him for smoking drugs and being taken out of private school, according to the Daily Mail.

Antonio's lawyer, however, is attempting to push through the testimony of a family friend, Maxine Adams, who claims that the retired NFL player was involved in a prostitution ring and his link to it has what resulted in his murder.

Adams reportedly told the officers about the prostitution ring nearly five months after the pair's murder, reports state. She added that Antonio's father was changing his life insurance before his death after receiving constant death threats from other people involved in the ring.

Antonio Jr's lawyer has alleged that the even though the officials recorded the woman's testimony, they opened a separate case with a different number to register her claims so that the lawyer would not find out about her statement.



Reports state that the woman's statement and 50,000 related pages of other records recently became available to them as part of that case. The teen's legal team is now saying that they have a chance to save the youngster as Adams is scheduled to testify in court on Monday.

Antonio Jr's attorney Rick DeToto said: "The reason the audio is so important is because she’s very specific about this prostitution ring.  She gives names, she gives phone numbers, she gives how it works, she talks bank accounts and Facebook stuff."

Reports state that DeToto became aware of Adams' testimony nearly three months after she gave the statement. Prosecutors, however, told the lawyer that the statement was not credible to the murder case against the teenager.



The attorney after gaining the evidence said that they asked the case against the teenager to be dropped; however, the judge turned him down and instead agreed to hear Adams' testimony.

"It's always been our defense and what happened was another person was in the house. This information goes straight into that. It leads directly to that situation," DeToto told ABC in August.

Reports state that the teenager's parents were shoved through their pillows while they were asleep in their townhouse on July 29, 2016. Antonio's sister was also present in the house at the time of the attack, reportedly slept through the incident.