Who is Softwilly? YouTuber fakes his cancellation using butt picture, says 'twitter too f**king easy'

Softwilly, an American YouTuber who is known for his meme videos on the messaging platform Discord, pulled an elaborate 'cancel party' prank

                            Who is Softwilly? YouTuber fakes his cancellation using butt picture, says 'twitter too f**king easy'
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On Thursday, June 3, followers of YouTuber Softwilly were shocked to find out that the meme creator was being "canceled". Hundreds of fans were heartbroken that their favorite streamer would send a picture of his bare ass to a female undergrad on Discord, which sparked the cancellation party. This picture, linked to the YouTuber's Discord account, is now being circulated on Twitter with many pointing out that Softwilly's action deserves consequences. 

Softwilly, as a result of all the backlash, took to his Twitter page to post an apology to both his followers and someone called "Myra," who followers assumed was the undergrad to whom he had sent his inappropriate picture. The cryptic apology was two lines long and was shared with the caption, "i owe you guys an explanation." However, the reaction from his followers has confused many. Was it a stunt meant to troll netizens or did Softwilly really send an indecent picture of himself to someone on Discord? 


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Who is Softwilly? 

Before we get into the specifics of what YouTuber Softwilly does and who he is, here's what his tweet apology said — "My greatest apology to myra... I truly fucked up this time and I'm sorry. If you could find it in you to forgive me, any of you, I'd appreciate it. Once again, Myra if you're reading this- I'm sorry."


Softwilly is a YouTuber, well known for creating memes that are popular on Discord. The most common collaborators include other YouTubers Isaacwhy and bearbbub. Some of the other things he does on Discord is to give YouTubers different tasks which could range from penning fanfiction in thirty minutes to composing a song. He also reacts to videos with a group of other content creators. 

Softwilly began his career as YouTuber in 2015 when he had just begun streaming games as a player. His videos would mostly be related to Minecraft or the Dead Realm. However, he went offline for about 3 years and his first post online came on Discord, which was titled 'Three guys at 1 AM trying to make a Discord meme'.

The success of this video pushed him to create more videos on Discord itself, with an occasional video or two about gaming. 

#softwillyisoverparty trends

The hashtag trend "#softwillyisoverparty" picked up with people sharing the picture that Softwilly had supposedly sent on Discord to a female undergrad. This was followed by shock and outrage from fans, and hate from critics.

One user tweeted the offensive picture and wrote, "booty pictures to underaged women in discord? at that point, it's not a "joke". #softwillyisoverparty." Another user shared, "#softwillyisoverparty Cant believe what this guy did, truly disappointed." Another user added, "#softwillyisoverparty bro my man @softwilly did a no no and idk if I can watch him anymore." 



One user said, "#softwillyisoverparty Just found out what happened what a fucking degenerate. Hope he gets what's coming for him." Another user wrote, "my fav discord mod got cancelled : ( @softwilly #softwillyisoverparty Pensive faceFolded hands gone but never forgotten." Another user wrote, "#softwillyisoverparty istg i knew it. i realized he was gonna be bad when i saw he was acting like one of “the boys Cold faceHundred points symbol”




An inside joke? 

Many at this point believe that the picture and the hashtag trend is all part of an elaborate joke that was set up by Softwilly. In fact, in response to Softwilly's apology, one user wrote "i have no clue who this guy is, but i can't tell if this is real or a really clever publicity stunt (given his tweet prior to this.) please explain. thank you."

To this another user responded, "He was caught having explicit convos with a minor (15 years of age)."


However, when another fan wrote, "GUYS THIS IS MY COMFORT STREAMER PLEASE." One of them responded, "It's a joke about Myra." Following this, there are questions about who Myra is, and in response, many of the fans who follow Softwilly's stream have responded that Myra is "my right nuts." This particular response is all over Twitter, leading some to speculate that it was a prank meme of sorts, meant to troll those who were not 'in' on the joke.  





It was only after the online confusion had peaked that Softwilly took to his Instagram account to own up to the fact that he had indeed "faked" his "own cancellation," adding, "twitter too f***ing easy".  

Screenshot of Softwilly's Instagram story (Instagram)

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