Sofia Vergara stuns in sexy bikini while on a vacation in the Caribbean

Sofia Vergara posted a slew of photos flaunting her enviably toned figure along with her equally gorgeous friends while on vacation in the middle of the Caribbean

                            Sofia Vergara stuns in sexy bikini while on a vacation in the Caribbean
Sofia Vergara (Source:Getty Images)

What do Kelly Ripa, 47, Jennifer Lopez, 49, Jada Pinkett Smith, 46, and Brooke Shields, 53 have in common? They are all timeless beauties who have defied age and societal norms by not wasting the slightest care in how harshly critics judge them for sporting bikinis 'because of their age'. Now, joining this group of flawless women is Sofia Vergara who, at 46, shared a sizzling slew of vacation photos flaunting her enviably toned figure midst her equally gorgeous friends as they enjoy a girls trip in the middle of the Caribbean.

The 'Modern Family' actress, accompanied by her gal pals or possibly cousins (as she mentions in one of the photos), can be seen having fun in the tropical vacation home she shares with her husband Joe Manganiello, reports Yahoo Lifestyle. The ladies were indulging in relaxation at a beach house called Casa Chipi Chipi, which can be accessed only via a plane, according to Daily Mail. The ladies can all be seen sporting chunky jewelry and sporting sizzling bikinis.

Sofia chose to caption one of the photos with the Spanish word “Seguimooos,” which translates in English to the phrase "we continue" and the photo showed all the ladies basking in the sun in their bikinis with Sofia in the middle holding a glass.

Another photo offered her 14.5 million followers a sneak peek into the girl gang having swapped their bikinis. Sofia, who was seen in a two piece with frills galore, captioned the photo “Paraiso tropical,” which translates to “tropical paradise.”

Sofia's flaming curves were not lost on her fans who pretty much went insane in the comments section calling the star a “mermaid queen” and also unanimously agreeing that there's “no aging for this mama” alongside comments like “come through, beauties.”

But the compliments are well deserved considering all the labor she puts into keeping herself toned and in great shape. Sofia had previously told 'Self' magazine that she hates going to the gym and prefers maintaining her shape by indulging in dancing several times a week.

“I hate to work out. I get in a bad mood when I have to do it! I’m not athletic,” the former swimsuit model told the outlet. She also confessed her love for dancing to Latin music and shared that she has a trainer who teaches her three to four ties a week, for an hour.

“The truth is, you work out for health and you do look better. And I have a responsibility to the show [Modern Family],” she continued. “Nobody wants to see Gloria with a flat a**!”

At the same time, Sofia did spill an unexpectedly shocking fact about herself. “Eating is one of my favorite hobbies,” Sofia told 'Self', “especially dessert!”