Did Joe Biden REALLY fall asleep at COP26? Internet jokes 'listening is hard'

President Joe Biden appeared to fall asleep as his head jerked and nodded during the opening speeches of the COP26 Climate Summit

                            Did Joe Biden REALLY fall asleep at COP26? Internet jokes 'listening is hard'
Joe Biden was later woken up by one of his staffers @zachjourno/Twitter)

US President Joe Biden has been at the mercy of trolls after he appeared to fall asleep during the opening speeches of the COP26 Climate Summit. He was later seemingly woken up by one of his staffers. At a conference that began on Monday afternoon, November 1, the US president was seen gradually falling asleep, sitting on a chair with folded arms. President Biden seemed to doze off for a few seconds and then eventually woke himself, before shutting his eyes for a second time. This time, a man in a suit came over to wake him up.  

Social media users were quick to notice how Biden dozed off and took to Twitter to express their thoughts. Biden has of late been trolled on social media platforms, once it was for not wearing a mask and then sneezing into his hand, while at another time his actions made him a meme.  "Please tell Joe Biden HE is the President of the United States of America and that Presidents don’t sleep at meetings," one user wrote. "Joe Biden sleeping through the climate crisis is exactly where we are," another user said, while one wrote, "Barack Obama practiced "leading from behind" on the world stage. Joe Biden is literally "sleeping from behind" at Cop26. Watch: Joe Biden appears to doze off during Cop26 speeches."


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"@DonaldJTrumpJr of course i meant Donald Trump himself call @POTUS Joe Biden Sleeping Joe, and here is Joe really sleeping in the meeting," one user wrote. "Joe Biden sleeping at COP26 is about as realistic as this administration has ever been in the public eye. Staffers running over to wake him up, the world laughing at him. We are watching a puppet being left on stage and destroyed after a terrible performance," wrote another user. One user said, "Joe Biden is interested in Climate change He is even dreaming about it while sleeping." Another joked: " Listening is hard."





The POTUS has now become the subject of mockery on social media, with other hashtags such as #Bidenbathroomaccident and #Bidenshitshispants also trending on Twitter. On October 29, Biden and Pope Francis ran overtime in their discussions on various topics of importance, such as climate change, poverty, and the Covid-19 pandemic. The extended period of their conversation, however, triggered hilarious rumors after Republican strategist Amy Tarkanian tweeted that Biden's meeting was 'unusually long' because he had a bit of a 'bathroom accident' at the Vatican. Following this, #PoopyPantsBiden began trending on Twitter. There is no specific image or video suggesting Biden pooped his pants and it's only speculation at this time. However, this is not the first time the leader of the free world has faced such accusations. Many believe that Biden couldn't help himself during his meeting with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on September 22, and therefore White House staff cut Johnson mid-sentence and asked the news media to leave immediately. 

While Biden's critics may choose to believe the rumor mill, his supporters are pointing to reports of a "minor accident" his motorcade had on Friday, October 29, which could have been misconstrued as a "bathroom accident." The accident reportedly occurred while the presidential convoy was departing the Vatican and headed to Quirinale Palace, where Biden met with Italian leaders, including President Sergio Mattarella. According to the White House, no serious injuries were sustained.