‘F**k Joe Biden’ chants errupt at Fox ALCS show after chorus of ‘f**k A-Rod’ a day ago

The disrespectful chants were heard at least four times as show producers rushed to hit the mute button

                            ‘F**k Joe Biden’ chants errupt at Fox ALCS show after chorus of ‘f**k A-Rod’ a day ago
‘F*ck Joe Biden’ chants were heard repeatedly at the Fox ALCS postgame (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images and Twitter)

It seems people of Boston are not happy with President Joe Biden as they interrupted the Fox The American League Championship Series (ALCS) postgame show Tuesday, October 19, by chanting “F**k Joe Biden” repeatedly. The postgame show was broadcast outside Fenway Park, where the Fox commentators spoke while fans showed their displeasure at the president.

It has been reported that the disrespectful chants were heard at least four times as show producers rushed to hit the mute button as frequently as they could without muting the hosts. The disruption happened a day after on Monday, October 18, the crowd chanted “F**k you A-Rod” and “F**k Altuve” during the broadcast. On Oct 18 night, the producers had to mute most of their ALCS postgame show.


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Tuesday night’s “F**k Joe Biden” chants were shocking because Boston is a city that voted in large amounts for the Democrat in the 2020 elections. However, this was not the first time such an incident has happened. The “F**k Joe Biden” has now become quite a regular thing at several events that attract large crowds.

Earlier this month, when Biden arrived in Howell, Michigan, on October 5, he was welcomed by hundreds of "F**k Biden" flags while some showed the middle finger to the presidential motorcade. Besides, a sign carried by a woman protester read, “We the people are pissed off.”

Besides, in September the same kind of chanting erupted during the Texas A&M Aggies game against the Kent State Golden Flashes. The video of the scene was shared on Instagram by an account named, 'the_typical_liberal', a meme page run by conservative Grant Godwin, who wrote in the caption: “‘F*** Joe Biden!’ Chants at the Texas A&M game — Let this be a new trend at all college football games! 😂💪 @oldrowofficial.”


Meanwhile, the recent chanting at the Fox ALCS postgame show has attracted a lot of attention online as a user tweeted, “Joe Biden got 65% of the votes in Massachusetts and 80 percent of the votes in Suffolk County where Boston is located. They chant, we vote.” Another one wrote, “Come on let’s assume those numbers are 100% accurate every major city votes deep blue. Does anyone actually think that Biden has done a great job  he’s been a disaster people voted for him because they thought he would end the chaos not make everything worse.”





A tweet read: "Fox channel is owned by Rupert Murdock, a radical rightwing revolutionary who uses his money to promote promote racist radical right- wing propaganda and ideology. Their is not a decent bone in his body, the people who work for him and especially the radical terrorists on FoxNews."





A person commented, “So friggen sad what people have come to…” The second one said, “Well they should just go to another country if they don’t like our president. Lol.” “Red Sox fans can be idiots too. This is embarrassing, know they enemy: The Yankees, Trump and his Big Lie and Fox. Fox is a propaganda machine of lies. Papi shoulda sat up and told those imbeciles (probably plants by Fox in Sox hats) off. Obviously ARoid couldn’t. Pathetic,” the third one added.




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