Is divorce no 5 imminent for Sean Bean? 'Snowpiercer' actor fought with wife Ashley Moore after Season 2 shoot

Sean Bean is a much married man. Marriage number 4 involved allegations against Bean for assaulting his wife Georgina Sutcliffe. The latest has a fight with his fifth wife, Ashley Moore

                            Is divorce no 5 imminent for Sean Bean? 'Snowpiercer' actor fought with wife Ashley Moore after Season 2 shoot
Sean Bean with Ashley Moore (Getty Images)

On TNT's 'Snowpiercer', Sean Bean plays the mysterious character of Mr Wilford. He is worshipped as a savior by most of the train's occupants, except the 'Tailies'. Only "Hospitality chief", Melanie Cavill, who is the true brains behind the train, knows the truth about him--he is a fraud who became the face of the train while hiring her to work behind the scenes as he collected 'investments' for the train.

Melanie thought he was dead along with her daughter, Alexandra Cavill, But at the end of Season 2, we get to know that Sean Bean's Mr Wilford character is very much alive and he has returned with Alexandra after doing a number on her brain to turn her against her mother. Sean has often played such complicated characters on screen-some noble, some wicked. But they have all been larger-than-life men-from Boromir in 'Lord of the Rings' to Ned Stark in 'Game of Thrones- his two most iconic roles. He is also a meme now because he has died so many times on-screen now. But not many know about the tumultuous love life of this private actor. 

In March 2020, Sean was in the news for all the wrong reasons after he got into a boozy bust-up with his fifth wife, former actress Ashley Moore, on a British Airways flight. They were on a return flight to London from Vancouver, Canada, where Sean had been shooting for Season 2 of 'Snowpiercer'. 

Actor Sean Bean with Ashley Moore at the 41st International Emmy Awards at the Hilton New York on November 25, 2013 in New York City, just after they had started dating (Getty Images)

A fellow-passenger who saw what happened told The Sun that “Sean and his missus were knocking back the vino from the moment they boarded. About halfway through the flight, they started arguing. You could hear them slurring. It was getting very uncomfortable." Things escalated when Moore reportedly reached across and poured her full, large glass of white wine into Sean’s lap.

According to the witness, this "caused Sean to jump up and shout". At this point, he reportedly hurled his glass at Moore in anger. A member of the cabin crew was then said to have stepped in to calm things down. The pair were met after the flight by officials in a VIP buggy. The police were not called about their mid-flight fight. However, Sean's rep had clarified later while the couple had argued, there was no violence and a British Airways spokesperson also backed this up saying they had "no record" of the version of events reported by The Sun. The rep said while a disagreement did happen between the pair, “no wine was drunk, no wine was poured and no glass was thrown".   

Sean Bean and Ashley Moore attend the Virgin TV British Academy Television Awards at The Royal Festival Hall on May 13, 2018 in London, England, one year after their marriage. (Getty Images)


Bean got married to Moore in June 2017, after being engaged for three years and dating for four years. Bean was captured by the paparazzi with a bottle of Corona in hand as he celebrated his nuptials in Dorset with Moore. Moore wore a white lace gown with a belted waist, while Bean opted for a three-piece suit. The long engagement could be because Bean might have been taking his time about deciding to get married a fifth time. 

After all, marriage number four did not end well and there were rumors of domestic violence doing the round back then as well. Bean married actress Georgina Sutcliffe on 19 February 2008 at the Marylebone Town Hall in London -- a location popular with celebrity couples.

Actor Sean Bean and Georgina Sutcliffe pose for photographers after their wedding at Westminster Register Office on February 19, 2008 in London, England. (Getty Images)

There was drama even before the wedding because Sean, much like Mr. Big on 'Sex in the City', decided to cancel the planned January 2008 wedding on the eve of the ceremony for "personal reasons". But Sean and Sutcliffe had known each other for quite a while by then. They had met way back in 2003 while Sutcliffe was managing a bar in a London theater, where Sean was playing Macbeth. They had started dating in 2006.

Actor Sean Bean and Georgina Sutcliffe kiss after their wedding at Westminster Register Office on February 19, 2008 in London, England. (Getty Images)

Just a year into their marriage, in 2009, there were allegations that Sean had physically abused Sutcliffe. Reports of domestic disturbances resulted in the police being called to their home in Belsize Park on three separate occasions. Sean and Sutcliffe's separation was announced on August 6, 2010, and their divorce was finalized by 21 December 2010. But Sean wasn't done with Sutcliffe.

In May 2012, Sean Bean — who had already signed on to play Lord of Winterfell Eddard "Ned" Stark on HBO’s 'Game of Thrones' at the time — was arrested. He had reportedly been harassing his former spouse Sutcliffe with phone calls and sending abusive text messages. The actor was taken into the Holborn police station in central London on “suspicion of harassment” and was later released on bail.

By the next year, in May 2013, he had rekindled his romance with Sutcliffe. After bringing her along as his "date" to the 2013 BAFTA and raising eyebrows, he was spotted with Sutcliffe on a romantic mini-break in Rome, Italy, in June 2013. But by August 2013, it became apparent that the romance was dead. He was spotted kissing a "mystery blonde", presumably Ashley Moore, which signified that he was done for good with Sutcliffe.

Before Sutcliffe and Moore, there was also his high school sweetheart Debra James, and two other actresses, Melanie Hill and Abigail Cruttenden. He married his school sweetheart, James, on April 11, 1981, but they were divorced in 1988. He then met actress Melanie Hill, who he got married to on February 27, 1990. Their first daughter, Lorna, was born in October 1987 and their second child, Molly, was born in September 1991. But the marriage ended in divorce in August 1997.

Actor Sean Bean and his daughters Lorna and Molly arrive at the Disney Premiere Of "National Treasure" on November 8, 2004 at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium, in Pasadena, California.

During the filming of TV series 'Sharpe', Sean met wife number three, actress Abigail Cruttenden. After getting married on November 22 1997, they had a daughter, Evie, in November 1998 but were divorced in July 2000. In addition to his three children, Bean reportedly also has four grandchildren.

When asked about love, before he got married for the fifth time to Moore, Sean said, "Of course, I believe in love despite four divorces. There is nobody who doesn’t believe in love." He also expressed his interest in having children with Moore in an interview with The Telegraph, saying, "Another baby? Yes. That would be nice". Finger crossed that marriage number five lasts for the actor who turns 62 this year in April.

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