'Snowfall' season 3 episode 7 'Pocket Full of Rocks' will see Melody run away from home, but not to Franklin Saint

Detective Andre Wright's daughter Melody decides to skip home and go in search of something that could help her calm the nerves in 'Snowfall' season 3 episode 7

                            'Snowfall' season 3 episode 7 'Pocket Full of Rocks' will see Melody run away from home, but not to Franklin Saint

The promo for 'Snowfall' season three episode seven 'Pocket Full of Rocks' sees things take an interesting turn when Melody Wright (Reign Edwards) decides to leave home. Her father, detective Andre Wright (Marcus Henderson) is out searching for her, but what he seems to realize in the promo is that Melody did not go to her on-off boyfriend Franklin Saint (Damson Idris).

What she seems to be in search of is something that will help calm her nerves. We had earlier seen her snort some cocaine when she was with Franklin. While she was earlier just a casual user, she has come to the point where she has become addicted to the substance — enough to be desperate for a fix. 


She is seen approaching someone to give her any job in return for a fix and things may not go as she expected. In the previous episode, we saw how Melody was forced by her father to leave town early and attend Spellman, the college where she was accepted to study. However, she doesn't want to leave town, at least not with the black eye she got from a man her father arrested in the neighborhood, who happens to be her friend's brother. When she told him she will not leave town, he gave her an ultimatum — either leave town right away or lose your entire college fund overnight. 

This frustrated Melody who ends up confessing about this to a friend. Her friend tries to show her how lucky she is to have a father who saved up for her higher education. She seems convinced, but the promo shows something entirely different. 

Andre seems worried enough in the promo to go through Melody's things and he finds the money that Franklin had given her when she told him about getting accepted in Spellman. He seems suspicious as usual of Franklin but we also see Franklin say that he has no idea where Melody is in the promo. He also doesn't seem too interested in finding out where she is. 

Meanwhile, after a great night with his partner and ex-wife Jules, the two seem to go through a personal struggle as well. We hear Jules (Peta Sergeant) tell Teddy McDonald aka Reed Thompson (Carter Hudson) that he can have it all, but there seems to be a condition attached. 

What would the condition be? That is something that we would have to watch on Wednesday at 10 pm on FX when the episode airs. 

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