Who owns MuckyChris? Snoop Dogg wants 'Snoop on the Stoop' doll removed from shelves

Who owns MuckyChris? Snoop Dogg wants 'Snoop on the Stoop' doll removed from shelves
Chris Milnes with the 'Snoop on the Stoop' (@3Dmuckychris/Twitter) and Snoop Dogg (Snoop Dogg/Facebook)

You've heard of Elf on the Shelf and its countless variants, but this Christmas season, one New Jersey-based company decided to create its own version -  based on Snoop Dogg. Dubbed 'Snoop on the Stoop', the holiday gift has quickly become a fan favorite and caught a lot of attention, including from the rapper himself. And according to reports, he isn't happy. 

The rapper isn't shy about his love for weed and even gave advice to marijuana lovers on celebrating 4/20 during the 2020 lockdown. In February that year, his friends gifted him a bouquet of flowers topped off with 48 cannabis joints for his 48th birthday. In 2018, he also epically trolled Donald Trump by smoking a blunt in front of the White House. But it seems he draws the line when it comes to his likeness.


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The Snoop on the Stoop novelty item features a doll very much like the rapper smoking a blunt in an elf outfit. It reportedly sold out within weeks, but the rapper clearly doesn't share his fans' love for the item. Wondering who the brain behind the idea is? Meet Chris Milnes of MuckyChris.

The two variants of the 'Snoop on the Stoop' created by MuckyChris. (Twitter)


Who owns MuckyChris?

The Teaneck, New Jersey-based 3D printing firm was founded in 2012 by Milnes, an artist. According to his LinkedIn profile, Milnes also runs the firm Square Helper and the website Listen to a Movie. Beyond that, little is known about Milnes. His MuckyChris website is an e-commerce company that 3D prints models such as Buddha statues, keychains, light switches, and other items. From Marvel's 'Black Panther' to Harry Potter, fans of pop culture will certainly find a lot of items featuring their favorite films and shows.

Milnes first debuted his 'Snoop on the Stoop' item in October 2020, and it quickly went viral ahead of the Christmas holidays that year. So naturally, Milnes decided to create them again this year, but it appears it didn't all go as planned. "I was contacted by Snoop’s lawyers and immediately removed all Snoop references from my website within a day," he told The New York Post on December 23. Reportedly, the rapper wasn't amused about being turned into a toy.

On December 18, Snoop himself weighed in, tweeting, "I have no connection to the SNOOP ON A STOOP product and will be taking legal action against those making it and whoever is selling it." Judging by Milnes' reaction, it certainly appears as if the rapper made good on his threat.



At the time of reporting, the item is no longer available for sale on MuckyChris, but as Milnes explained, the creation is now well out of his hands. He didn't say if he was sold out, or removed the toy because of the legal threat, but told The Post, "What happens next was not my doing. Apparently, scam companies using my photos flooded social media with ads and took orders." He called them "100% scam from Chinese-based companies." 

You can still purchase 'Snoop on the Stoop' from multiple online retailers, including on Etsy. Amazon appears to have taken down any links and references to the item, but it's not hard to snag one if you are still interested. But, Milnes warned that they were all a scam. "They take your money and disappear 1-2 weeks later. If you didn’t get Snoop on the Stoop directly from me (or Joseph @ Out of Step Offbeat Boutique) you can be sure it’s a scam," he wrote in a December 13 Instagram post

But with Snoop's legal threat, it appears to be the end for 'Snoop on the Stoop'. It's unclear if Milnes is still facing legal action, but we could see plenty of others sued by the rapper if sales continue. If you still want something Snoop-themed, we'd recommend buying it from the Snoopmarket instead - at least that way you can be sure it's not a scam.

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