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Fans say Slowthai and Kenny Beats' 'Magic' is 'the hardest s**t to drop all year'

Slowthai has shared his latest single 'Magic' and fans are hyped
Slowthai (Getty Images)
Slowthai (Getty Images)

British rapper Slowthai is keeping fans up to date with new music during the coronavirus pandemic. Tyron Kaymone, known by stage name Slowthai, released his new single 'Magic', produced by Kenny Beats, on May 13.  Listen to the song and find the lyrics below.

The track follows after the release of 'ENEMY', his new song which addresses his controversial behavior at the 2020 NME Awards. 'Magic' is being released via Method Records and A$AP Rocky’s label AWGE. 

Kenny Beats is an American record producer and songwriter who has worked on songs with Tisakorean, Zack Fox, Vince Staples, Freddie Gibbs, KEY!, Gucci Mane, Ski Mask the Slump God, Dominic Fike, Rico Nasty and JPEGMafia, and many more artists. Kenny Beats joined forces with Denzel Curry for their new EP 'UNLOCKED' which released early February. There will also be a comic book adaptation of the EP, scheduled for release this summer.

Slowthai shared a half-minute clip of the new single which shows some in-studio moments, including a snippet of Beats giving the rapper direction during recording.

Apart from positive reaction videos on YouTube, fans on Twitter are raving over the new music. "Turn it uppp" a fan says (in all caps) while other another said, "COME ON HERO THE SONG IS FIRE." Other excited reactions included, "LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOO", and "YESSS" and "HEATTTTTT" (which came with several flame emojis. Fans were describing 'Magic' as "hard" as one fan said, "this is the hardest shit to drop all year i stg."

Fans, so far, are loving Slowthai's two new tracks since his period of silence after the NME Awards. One fan said, "Back to back heaters" while another is awaiting a full-length record, saying, "Make a whole album together. Please."

The UK rapper’s debut studio album 'Nothing Great About Britain' arrived last year.

'Magic' by Slowthai and Kenny Beats lyrics


To introduce to you a man who needs to no introduction
(Woah, Kenny)

Verse 1

Lacking, lagging, mind, I'm slacking
Send 'em packing, chip, I'm snacking
Eat my madame, she orgasms
Taste like Magnums, how it happens
I sip Brandy, not too handy
With the tool, but it's coolio
Been a lost boy like Rufio
And now we got dough, employ that ho
Runnin' these drawers, thought had two phones
Council home, now on my home
No garçon, tell me, eskimo
If I had a handgun, I'd kill everyone (Yeah)
Some say a lot 'till he said I'm done
'Till I put them to bed, you are not my son
[?] listen up, so I cough, cough
I'm a diamond in the rough, so I ruff, ruff
Understand, I ain't a man (Yeah)
Bitch, I'm a nautical threat
Flip it all night, turn it to sand (Brrt)
I got the world in my hand (Woo)
Drink from the cup, jump then I stamp (Blaow)
Teeth on the front and they count (Uh)
Fight 'till my hands get cramped (Uh)
Then I shoot your two friends (Uh)


Smash it, grab it
Magic, man, I'm snappin'
And her shit 'tractive
Pussyboy, get packed in
Smash it, grab it
Magic, man, I'm snappin'
And her shit 'tractive
Pussyboy, get packed in

Verse 2

Fuck up the vibe 'til someone die (Yeah)
Swear down, put that shit on my life
They say I blew up like I stood on the mine
Now I got a watch, no time
People watch face, get teary eyes
Proudest punches, my card gets declined
And this shit that I did for a piece of the pie
And they say I'm selfish, now the pie is all mine
Risin' shine, I'm a car in the sky
And your vibe too dry, need E-45
Me and mine didn't have no drive
And you see we're divine, you repute your swine
Tarzan ho, man, swingin' on the vine
No man can show, man, I tell him when I lie
And we all know this the part that's gotta die
Iceberg, my watch, man, your crew got sides
All in your neck, come for your set
Killin' your friend, you're the only one left
Dick gets erect, makin' you beg
Oxygen fleet for how I'm takin' your breath
Got a complex, addicted to sex
Open your mouth, baby girl, let me spit
Nut on her face while she rub on her clit
Baby, how it taste when you swallow my dick?


Smash it, grab it
(Nah, nah, nah, nah) I'm snappin'
(Nah, nah, nah, nah) 'Tractive
Pussyboy, get packed in (Nah, nah)
Smash it, grab it
(Nah, nah, nah, nah) I'm snappin'
(Nah, nah, nah, nah) 'Tractive
Get packed in

Listen to Slowthai's 'Magic' here.