Slash is so desperate to "move on" from estranged wife that he offers to pay her over $6.6 million

Slash is so desperate to "move on" from estranged wife that he offers to pay her over $6.6 million
Slash and Perla Hudson (Source:Getty Images)

There are people who have a burning need to move on from their ex-partner, and then there is Slash. The rocker is so desperate to move on from his estranged wife that he doesn't mind shelling out some big bucks — in millions, specifically — just to be free from their marriage.

As The Blast reported, documents obtained by the outlet shows Slash asking the court to go ahead with a proposed settlement agreement as the final judgment in his divorce with Perla Ferrar. It claims that she has had all the time she wants and that should be needed to make any changes and also provide all the final documentation that needs to be filed so they can get the divorce done with.

In short, the Guns n' Roses singer asked a judge to sign off on a settlement that entitles Ferrar to over $6.6 million just so he can get out of the marriage and be free from all of its obligations. 

“Perla has been slow responding, or has deliberately drawn out responding, throughout this matter,” he said in his court documents. “I want to move on with my life.”

The documents reveal that Slash has agreed to pay Ferrar $100,000 per month in spousal support, which will continue until she dies or remarries; along with that is also a $6,627,352 equalization payment. And what is he getting in turn? All of his guitars, instruments, companies, and residuals.

Guitarist Slash and Perla Hudson attend the unveiling of the 2012 Gibson Guitartown new round of guitars on The Sunset Strip at Hornburg Jaguar on March 12, 2012 in Los Angeles, California. Source: Angela Weiss/Getty Images


The 52-year-old rocker and his 43-year-old estranged wife had married back in 2001, and share two sons now London, 15, and Cash, 13. Even though the guitarist has offered to give Ferrar primary custody of their sons, documents state that he wanted to keep joint legal custody.


In addition to that, he has also agreed to pay $39,000 per month in child support. Further, his sons are also eligible to collect 1.8 per cent of his income until 2036.

Born Saul Hudson, Slash had filed for divorce about four years ago in 2014, after sharing 13 years of married life with Ferrar. He had come out in the open with his accusations of bigamy against her in 2016.

Other than monetary compensations, since the couple each bought their own new houses, they don't have to concern themselves with selling off any property.

Ferrar, however, gets to keep another home in Los Angeles. Luck favored her in the auto department too, as she is getting a 2014 Range Rover, 2015 Mercedes AMG and a 2015 Mercedes Benz GL 450, as reported by The Blast. 

While Slash listed his monthly income to be $345,000 per month, Ferrar is yet to reveal hers. It doesn't faze Slash though, as he claims he doesn't need to see it and would very much like the judgment entered the soonest possible by a judge.


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 Slash is so desperate to move on from estranged wife that he offers to pay her over 6 6 million dollars