Skylanders Academy season 3: Jason Ritter teases what "real jerk" Dark Spyro is up to

Ritter promises that we will see that even though Dark Spyro is evil, there is still a little bit of the old Spyro left in him.

                            Skylanders Academy season 3: Jason Ritter teases what "real jerk" Dark Spyro is up to

Netflix has added season 3 of the popular 'Skylanders Academy' to it's library as of Friday, September 28, and most fans are excited to see Dark Spyro (voiced by Jason Ritter) and his notoriety. Once a beloved hero, Spyro (previously voiced by Justin Long) has now lost all his light, thanks to Strykore (voiced by Fred Tatasciore), and has become evil, a real jerk, according to Ritter. 

"It was so much fun," he says, adding that as the season proceeds we will see that even though Spyro is evil, there is still a little bit of the old Spyro left in him. "He is constantly sort of struggling with his new evil side." 

This season we are going to see the once-revered Skylander act as a double agent for Strykore, even he tries to find the ancient artifact that Strykore needs and he just can't get it. 

"He is getting very frustrated. It is very funny and action-packed and it's almost like we got some espionage, spy stuff in there which is really fun," says Ritter. 

On the one hand he he has no problem tricking and lying to the people he once loved, we will get to see some emotions bubble up in him, promises Ritter. However, there is no denying that he is "real jerk," who actually seems to enjoy all the lying and manipulating. 


"But I think it's sort of fun to have this character all of a sudden be someone that you're sort of rooting for and against at the same time. You can't quite fully root against him because somewhere in there Spyro is there, so you are kind of hoping he is okay, but you are wanting him to stop being so evil," says Ritter.


Ritter says the evil version of the Spyro who was voiced by Long, required a bit of work and lot of patience. He elaborates, "I have known Justin [Long] for a long time and when I watched the show I got a sense of how he is doing it and the sincerity and the determination and all of that. We kind of created Dark Spyro in the recording studio. We tried a bunch of voices and we kind of landed on this one area that we all felt comfortable with. It was a really fun process."

"I have never done that before. When you usually come in for an audition you're like this is kind of what I'm gonna and do and this time we figured it all out together," says Ritter, who is quite happy with the result of the joint efforts. 

One of the funniest side-effects of Spyro's darkness is the interactions he then gets to have with Kaos (voiced by Richard Steven Horvitz), his arch-nemesis. Kaos, who still believes Strykore to be his biological father, is looking for some love, affection and attention from him. Not only is he denied all of this, but he has to stand by and watch as Dark Spyro takes over his room and his father's favor. 

"Dark Spyro sort of takes centre stage in Strykore's whole world, Kaos starts to feel sort of left out and that manifests itself in a lot of these interesting ways throughout the season," teases Ritter, who seems to have a soft spot for Kaos. "You kind of like feel bad for Kaos, losing that sort of fatherly affection," he says, adding that he is excited to watch Kaos and Spyro's banteron-screen. 

He says, "On the page it was really funny and really wonderful. We never got to actually record that in the same room together. I am sure that it would be as funny and great as it was on page." 

You can watch the Dark Spyro in action in season 3 of 'Skylanders Academy,' which is available on Netflix right now.