'Skin Decision: Before and After': Nicolas Bravo seeks help to fix his facial scars after a near-fatal accident

'Skin Decision: Before and After': Nicolas Bravo seeks help to fix his facial scars after a near-fatal accident

The second episode of 'Skin Decision: Before and After' focuses on documenting the transformation of Nicholas Bravo. His appearances were drastically altered for the worse after a near-fatal accident. Nurse Jamie and Dr Sheila Nazarian come up with a plan to make Nicholas appear "renewed, restored, powerful, confident and healthy".

Before meeting the magicians who would completely transform his look, Nicholas told the story behind his scars. The Los Angeles resident who works in the transportation industry met with a near-fatal accident in 2012. He said the accident happened while he was driving on the freeway at night. His car hit a pothole and he was unable to turn a brake and he hit a divider at 75 mph. His car turned turtle three to four times and Nicholas said he was happy that he was alive. The accident left him with severe lacerations all over his body, especially his head, and the recovery took seven painful months. 

After the head cast came off, the scars on his eyebrows, eyelids and forehead became more prominent. He said people treated him differently after the accident no matter how he dressed or behaved. For years, he said, he's been living with the fact that people feel scared to be around him and scurry away thinking he would hurt them. Nicholas said he was also asked a lot of questions such as "do you sell drugs?" and "are you in the gangs?" Nicholas said he has been battling the stigma attached to being African-American all his life and his skin color and the scars resulted in him being treated like a criminal. 

Talking about his decision to sign up for 'Skin Decision', he said, "I just want what I naturally am to show. Getting rid of the scars would mean the world to me. It's unlocking the potential I feel l already have." As a startup company owner, Nicholas said he needs to look trustworthy and Dr Nazarian and Nurse Jamie were ready to help remove all the obstructions that stood in the way of his life and success. 

To see the full transformation, tune in to this episode of 'Skin Decision: Before & After' which is now streaming on Netflix.

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