'Sisyphus: The Myth' Episode 14: Can Seo-hae kill Sigma in the present to stop the villain from the future?

Seo-hae struggles to stay objective after she receives a body part that seems to belong to her father in this episode

                            'Sisyphus: The Myth' Episode 14: Can Seo-hae kill Sigma in the present to stop the villain from the future?
A still of Park Shin-hye as Seo-hae and Cho Seung-woo as Han Tae-sul (JTBC)

At the beginning of 'Sisyphus: The Myth' Episode 13, Han Tae-sul (Cho Seung-woo) and Seo-hae (Park Shin-hye) managed to change the outcome of an event in the present. They did it by making a slight change in their plan of action. This led to them realizing that consciously deciding not to repeat the same actions may give them a chance at stopping the war. However, they may not really succeed if Seo-hae continues to make her decisions influenced by her emotions.

For instance, at the end of episode 13, she pulled the gun on Sigma in the present to ensure that he doesn't escape the war, travel back from the future to the present to fund Tae-sul's teleportation project. This would then stop the movement of people from the future to the present as they use the uploader and downloader that Tae-sul had invented to teleport themselves. However, neither Tae-sul nor the broker who is called Mr Han wants her to succeed. While Sigma's past self's absence may stop the war, it would also erase her from the present. This is the argument that Tae-sul had heard from Sigma from the future and so Tae-sul hesitates to kill Sigma of the present.


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At this opportune moment, Mr Han ends up delivering a package for Seo-hae. A package that has a dismembered hand along with a photo that her father had with him in the future. Seeing this, Seo-hae realizes that Sigma from the future must have gotten her father killed and she wants to kill him. However, will such an action change the final outcome? Will they all inevitably hurtle towards the very war that they want to stop from taking place?

A still of Seo-hae in 'Sisyphus: The Myth'. (JTBC)


The last time this incident did take place. Sigma in the present was shot and he had a scar on his neck to show for it. Will the past repeat itself and foil Seo-hae's attempts so far in stopping the war? 

Tae-sul is the only one who can convince Seo-hae but when it comes to her father, none of his convincing tactics may help. Sigma has unfair advantage in all of this because he knows the things that happened in the past. So he also knows the decisions that Seo-hae and Tae-sul will make and he can use this knowledge to manipulate them. But will they fall for his tricks again is the question. For now, Seo-hae did manage to shoot Sigma in the neck, hurting him. 

A still of Han Tae-sul in 'Sisyphus: The Myth'. (JTBC)


If Sigma's scar from the shooting remains, events have not really changed. However, Sigma was surprised by the fact that the camera was broken so Seo-hae may just have changed something, something very infinitesemal perhaps, but it is a deviation from what has happened before. How this will play out is something that we will have to wait and watch. It must be noted however that Sigma is using all the tricks in his bags to ensure that the present continues along the same trajetory as the past timeline. 

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