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'Sister Wives' star Kody Brown claims Janelle was 'shattered by plural marriage' arrangement

'I feel like Janelle came into this relationship idealistically and got shattered by the experience in plural marriage,' says Kody Brown
'Sister Wives' stars Kody Brown and Janelle Brown (TLC)
'Sister Wives' stars Kody Brown and Janelle Brown (TLC)

FLAGSTAFF, ARIZONA: TLC just dropped the finale of 'Sister Wives' Tell-All. And, in the recently released episode, Kody Brown confessed that he thinks Janelle Brown was the one who suffered a lot in the plural marriage. 

Kody claimed, "I feel like Janelle came into this relationship idealistically." However, he further added that Janelle "got shattered by the experience in plural marriage." Janelle seems to have a lot of expectations from Kody. The recently released episode showed Janelle confessing what she and Kody have is attachment, habit, and affection but she does not know whether it is love.


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Kody Brown from 'Sister Wives' (TLC)
Kody Brown from 'Sister Wives' (TLC)

Kody says that plural marriages are a "real struggle." He further explained that for a relationship to go well both need to communicate well and work on things together. 'Sister Wives' patriarch hinted that the same was not the situation with him and Janelle. Kody further claimed that Christine left him and Janelle just chased following the same path as her. Kody further adds that Janelle does not have any respect for Kody. On the hand, Janelle claims that there is no love between them, what they have is just a duty. She further claimed that separation brought happiness to her life. She started looking at things differently.

Moreover, Christine as well thinks that Janelle suffered the most in plural marriage. She says, "she is frustrated and she is so hurt." Janelle didn't expect things to ever change between her and Kody. But soon after the marriage, she realized that Kody changed and he was not the same man she married to. However, Christine claims that what Janelle couldn't see is that she has changed as well.

All that Janelle wants is a good father for her children. But, the same couldn't happen as Kody thinks that she does not respect her and neither do her children. When asked by the host Sukanya if Kody reconciles with Janelle's children then will his relationship with Janelle be back on track? To this, Kody replied that it might but there needs to be room for communication. On the other hand, Janelle as well confessed that plural marriage has always made the door for marriage open for her but she does not want anyone to enter through that door.

'Sister Wives' Season 17 finale is available to stream on TLC.