'Sistas' Season 2 Episode 9: Hayden saves Andi's life when Gary ambushed her, what's her next move?

There is a lot more Gary has up his sleeve, he's not about to let Andi walk out of his life easily. Just when Andi's life at work is going great, her personal life will be in a shambles

                            'Sistas' Season 2 Episode 9: Hayden saves Andi's life when Gary ambushed her, what's her next move?
Andi and Karen (BET)

Spoilers for 'Sistas' Season 2 Episode 9 'When I Get Home'

This episode titled 'When I Get Home' kept us waiting on the Andrea "Andi" Barnes's (KJ Smith) dinner the entire time - yet again. When Andi leaves work, her newly released from jail ex-boyfriend, Gary Marshall Borders (Chido Nwokocha), decides to ambush her in the garage. There, Gary demands to know who was the guy (we know it was Paris) that Andi went home with that night. Even though Andi asks Gary if he's having her followed, he argued louder to know who the man was. He even took Andi's keys and pulled her arm back.

Interestingly enough, lawyer Hayden (Chris Warren), who had warned Andi about Gary being upset, hears the commotion and asks if everything is alright. Andi assures him everything is, and getting her keys back by threatening Gary saying, "if you don't want to go back to jail, I suggest you give my keys back". But, it's Gary - of course, he was going to go to follow Andi. Hilariously, Hayden backs up and blocks Gary's car from leaving the garage giving Andi ample time to make her escape. Andi did call Karen Mott (Ebony Obsidian) who came over and the duo talked it over - but, Karen (and us) were completely over Andi's obsession with a man so vile.

What's her next move? Andi downplayed the entire situation when she was telling Karen about it, and so by that, she's also downplaying what Gary could be capable of. Karen tries to tell her to back up off Gary, but Andi tells her that she's not as strong as Karen who had given up Zac (Devale Ellis). We're hoping that while Andi did ask Karen to give her a minute to get over a man she planned on spending her life with, she actually eventually changes her attitude. Gary is dangerous - she loves a very narcissistic, egoistic, and scary man.

Of course, the episode stalled yet once again, so we don't see the girls meet up at Andi's celebratory dinner. They didn't give us much more on Gary, but it seems that the promo for the next episode sees him still upset that Andi is spending his money with another man - she's not. Andi's promotion and salary hike is more than enough to have her life set for quite a while. Andi tells Karen that after she give Gary's money back they will be done. But, we highly doubt that. The way she backed Gary's behavior up didn't sit well with fans.

"#SistasOnBET | Ughhh, watching Andi is cringy AF," wrote one fan. Some even think that Karen was Andi's last hope - "If Karen can't talk to Andi about Gary then we've lost all hope. We already know Sabrina and Danni don't have a snowball's chance in hell #SistasonBET," wrote another fan. One fan even spoke of Karen's and Andi's conversation where Karen mentioned that she has no choice and gave up Zac for her own sake. She asked Andi that for once they should look out for themselves. "Karen has learned from her mistakes she made with Zac. It's too bad we can't say the same for Andi. #SistasOnBET," wrote another fan.

"The unfortunate turn that Andi and Gary's relationship has taken, actually tells us everything we need to know about the dire consequences of ignoring red flags and submitting to the problematic role of "ride or die chick". I guess his wife wasn't lying after all. #SistasOnBET," read another tweet.










We're thinking Andi's next move is to obviously give Gary back his money, but we know Gary won't stop there. His audacity is at an all-time high that when he was being threatened in the garage with Andi, he asked her why she didn't kiss or hug him. All she told him to do was to "calm down". There is a lot more Gary has up his sleeve, he's not about to let Andi walk out of his life that easily. Just when Andi's life on the work front is going great, her personal life will be in dangerous shambles. Some people were just over Andi, with one user tweeting, "Andi is the epitome of fake got it together. Everything is a facade #Sistasonbet". Even the official Twitter account for the show tweeted.



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