'Sistas' Season 2 Episode 5 Review: Maurice's party could see some intense drama, who will make it out alive?

From Andi and Paris to Fatima and Zac, we have no idea what's about to go down but it sure will be intense

                            'Sistas' Season 2 Episode 5 Review: Maurice's party could see some intense drama, who will make it out alive?
Sabrina and Maurice (BET)

Spoilers for 'Sistas' Season 2

This episode of 'Sistas' titled 'Up in Flames' was a quieter one, as it slowly unfolded the plots of the characters piece by piece. In fact if anything, it set up the foundation for possible huge drama in next week's episode. Andrea "Andi" Barnes (KJ Smith) was able to prove to the board that Don Bellamy (Michael King) set her up and so had a bit of success when it came to making sure her career doesn't go down the drain.

Her issues with Gary Marshall Borders (Chido Nwokocha) is a whole other issue that seems to never be solved. Maurice (Brian Jordan Jr) finally returns to work to find a new person that is being trained by Sabrina Hollins (Novi Brown) at his counter at the bank. Karen Mott (Ebony Obsidian) refuses to bail Zac (Devale Ellis) out, but Fatima (Crystal Hayslett) comes to his rescue hinting at a possible romance between her and Zac.

And of course, Daniella "Danni" King (Mignon) is being ignored by  Preston Horace (Trinity Whiteside) after she seemingly overreacted when he handcuffed her to the bed.

We have to say that the calmness of this episode really makes us anticipate the next one. Here is why. There seems to be something brewing between Fatima and Zac, and we can't help but wonder what's going to go down at Maurice's party. Andi invited Fatima to Maurice's party, and we're thinking she's going to be taking Zac (as per next episode's promo).

Also, Karen will be there, but she'll be there with Aaron Carter (Kevin A Walton). While Andi, Danni, Sabrina and Karen know Zac and Fatima separately, they have no idea that the duo has met or that Fatima bailed Zax out of jail. We're thinking some drama is definitely about to go down at Maurice's event. 

Andi also sees Paris Johnson (Sean Poolman) in this episode, so we're a tad bit excited to see if she'll finally drop Gary for a man that doesn't lie or who isn't maniacally jealous. On the other hand, he might not be able to woo Andi because she was dumb enough to deposit cash that Gary gave her in the bank Sabrina works at. We can't believe that they think the FBI won't find out.

Either way for now though Sabrina was able to get her job back with Miss India (Toynal Davis) being lenient with her. While there she had was given the task of training a new employee Jacobi (Skyh Alvester Black) who she thinks is absolutely "fiiine." We know some fans ship her with Calvin Rodney (Anthony Dalton) but we're excited to see what might happen with this new Jacobi character. 

There are so many potential storylines that could happen moving forward with Season 2 of the series. This episode was an enjoyable one and we're wondering who will come out alive in the next episode considering Maurice's party looks a lot of fun. There has to be some drama for sure. Gary will not like Andi with Paris, Jacobi and Sabrina might hit it off, but how would that affect Calvin?

Karen will be there with Aaron, and we're really hoping Zac shows up with Fatima. It's going to be intense, and we're all here for it. 'Sistas' Season 2 airs on Wednesdays on BET at 9 pm EST.

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