'Sistas' Season 2 Episode 10: Will Fatima set Hayden straight for threatening Zac? Fans say he's a 'whole b***h'

Fatima wants nothing to do with Hayden anyway, so this side of him is uncalled for

                            'Sistas' Season 2 Episode 10: Will Fatima set Hayden straight for threatening Zac? Fans say he's a 'whole b***h'
'Sistas' (BET)

Spoilers for 'Sistas' Season 2 Episode 10 'The Encounter'

BET's 'Sistas' is the hot tea of the week for most fans and Season 2 Episode 10 'The Encounter' was intense even though it was low key. Some hearts were broken, some were threatened and Andrea 'Andi' Barnes' dinner finally happened. This start of the episode gave many fans the satisfaction they needed because Maurice (Brian Jordan Jr) finally got to beat Olonzo Crawford's (Thai Edwards) butt black and blue. The homophobic maniac ambushed Maurice outside of the bank and demanded that Maurice drop the charges because Olonzo was upset that he was being charged with a hate crime.

To recap real quick, Olonzo had beat up Maurice when he was in a dress and heels. He beat him up so bad that Maurice landed in the hospital with injuries so dire he was in a coma. Maurice refused to drop the charges and gave Olonzo a taste of his own medicine. Now, let's get to the other juicy bits, aka, Andi's dinner. There were five of them there, Andi, Karen Mott (Ebony Obsidian), Daniella 'Danni' King (Mignon), Sabrina Hollins (Novi Brown), and Fatima (Crystal Hayslett). While Karen and Danni were happy because they had Aaron Carter (Kevin A. Walton) and Preston Horace (Trinity Whiteside) respectively to go home to, Andi's night didn't end too well, Sabrina was blindsided by Calvin Rodney (Anthony Dalton) at the same restaurant with another girl and lastly, Fatima had trouble back at home that she had no idea about. 

In the last episode, fans found out that lawyer Hayden (Chris Warren) and Fatima once had a thing and the man seems to be jealous of Zac (Devale Ellis). Now we know that Zac is Karen's ex and we thought that if he had come to Andi's dinner, the drama would be spewing out all ends. But it turns out the drama is between Hayden and Zac, far away from Andi's dinner. Fatima left her home looking really amazing after Hayden stopped by to see her, but Hayden had other plans. He went to Zac's workplace to threaten him! In possibly the most disrespectful way to ask someone if they are dating someone, Hayden asked Zac if he was "hitting that", speaking of Fatima of course. Hayden found out because he saw Zac's shoes at Fatima's home and so he then proceeded to tell Zac to "back up off her," and also further threatened Zac's job.

All of this is a bit hilarious only because at the dinner Fatima admitted to the girls that she doesn't commit, she only dates, sometimes more than one man. Either way, fans thought Hayden was doing a little too much and slammed him as best they could. One fan tweeted, "Hayden a whole bitch outchea. Pulling up at the job. Threatening to get Zack fired. those the type of niggas you regret giving some good kewchie to. #SistasOnBET " Another fan wrote, "Hayden, Fatima said she don’t want you nor she never will claim you. I swear he’s one of those type of people who just refuse rejection and wanna interrogate other folks who are around the people they tryna be with. #SistasOnBET" Yet another one added, "I can't wait for Fatima to check that azz tho! Hayden acting like he got some hood in him! @SistasOnBET @IamCrystalRenee #SistasOnBET  @iamdevale @BET"




Hayden did do a little too much, and Zac nor Fatima need to deal with that immaurity because no one was "overstepping" as Hayden accused Zac of. Fatima wants nothing to do with Hayden anyway, so this side of him is uncalled for. Other's also wanted Hayden to back off Zac before things get blurry for him, with one fan tweeting, "Hayden better get to stepping before Zac shows him what time it is #SistasOnBET. Another fan wrote, "Zac need to get Fatima to check Hayden ass.. I don’t want him to lose his cool and his job beating that man ass! #SistasOnBET " Yet another fan added, "Not Hayden trying to use his authority to scare Zac. #SistasOnBET "




'Sistas' Season 2 airs on Wednesdays on BET at 9 pm EST.

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