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'Single's Inferno' Season 2: Choi Jong-woo faces heartbreak once Kim Jin Young expresses feelings to Shin Seul-ki

Netflix's Korean dating show star Shin Seul-ki seems to still have a soft spot for Kim Jin-young
'Single's Inferno' Season 2 stars Shin Seul-ki, Choi Jong-woo and Kim Jin-young (Netflix)
'Single's Inferno' Season 2 stars Shin Seul-ki, Choi Jong-woo and Kim Jin-young (Netflix)

SASEUNGBONG-DO, SOUTH KOREA: 'Single's Inferno' Season 2 is getting more intense with each passing day. Now the jealousy game is clearly getting to the surface. Shin Seul-ki has not yet decided who she wants to date, whether Kim Jin-young or Choi Jong-woo. Well, it seems it is a losing game for Jong-woo as he has sensed that Shin Seul-ki still has a soft spot for Jin-young even after his constant efforts.

In the recently released episodes of 'Single's Inferno' Season 2, Jin-young for the first time openly talked about his feelings toward Seul-ki. Well, the scene surely made Jong-woo confortable as somewhere deep inside he knows that Seul-ki still has feelings for Jin-young. In Episode 8, Jin-young teased Seul-ki saying, "I think you are giving me a hint Seul-ki." To this, Seul-ki replied with a smile on her face, "Yes, I'm a little."

Jong-woo took the hint of some romance building up between Jin-young and Seul-ki. He instantly asked Seul-ki for a walk and confessed to knowing what is happening around him.

He said, "I can see what people are thinking now, like every single word." He further added, "I think I can read them. The feelings." There has been a question lingering ever since the start of the show whether Jin-young will get his heart broken. Keep reading to know.


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'Single's Inferno' Season 2 stars Shin Seul-ki and Choi Jong-woo (Netflix)
'Single's Inferno' Season 2 stars Shin Seul-ki and Choi Jong-woo (Netflix)

It seems evident that Seul-ki is waiting for any indication from Jin-young's side. She seems to be hanging on Jong-woo only to have a backup. In the recently released episode, Jin-young confessed to Jo Yoong-jae that he can't see a gap between Seul-ki and Jong-woo where he can fit in. He indirectly hints about taking his chance with Seul-ki and sidelining Jong-woo by saying, "looks like it's going to be hard unless I make one." 

Yoong-jae cleared the air a little bit here by explaining what's exactly going on between Seul-ki and Jong-woo. He explained that Jong-woo has been choosing Seul-ki ever since the start. Even after his constant effort, there is nothing going on between the two. Yoong-jae said, "If there is nothing still going on. She must not have feelings for him. That's why it could be an unstable relationship." Jin-young got the hint that there is a chance for him to steal the chance. ever since then, he was seen trying to open up to Seul-ki and making a constant effort for her. 

So, will Seul-ki once again flip from Jong-woo to Jin-young? It seems so! It feels pretty obvious that Seul-ki is just waiting for a hint from Jin-young's side. And once she gets that hint she will undoubtedly get his heart broken. Let us further wait to see whether Jong-woo will be able to go ahead with Seul-ki or will Jin-young steal her heart.