'Single Parents': 'SNL' alum Taran Killam's new show is definitely worth your time

Fans have known Taran Killam to impersonate celebrities and to bring ridiculous characters to life, in the new ABC show we will get to see him play a more realistic role.

                            'Single Parents': 'SNL' alum Taran Killam's new show is definitely worth your time

'Saturday Night Live’ is known to breed some of the best comedians of the country, many of whom are masters at impersonation. However, what Taran Killam did on the NBC show was beyond anything we have seen before, he impersonated people who seemingly have no distinctive, impressionable characteristics – Brad Pitt, for example, or even Eminem. We have also seen him bring characters like 1860s critic Jebidiah Atkinson and the co-host of the ‘J-Pop America Fun Time Now!’ but for the first time we get to see him play a more realistic, grounded character and we are all for it. 

While Killam has been busy doing films and theatre on the side – which included the slave abductor Abram Hamilton in ‘12 Years a Slave’ and King George III in the Broadway production of ‘Hamilton’ - ‘Single Parents,’ which is set to premiere on September 26 will be the more grounded, realistic character that we will see him perform. In it, he will play a seemingly helpless, hopeless single parent stuck in what his co-star Leighton Meester's Angie calls the “parenthood vortex" - of which his mermaid bag and tearaway pants are visual representations. 

The premise for Killam's upcoming ABC comedy ‘Single Parents’ is pretty simple, a bunch of titular single parents helping each other live their best lives. While the context is relatively new, it rings true to ABC family’s message of friendship, unity and love. So, is it worth your time?  



Absolutely! There are many reasons to watch ‘Single Parents’ - it’s a stress buster, a fun show to watch with your whole family, it gives you a unique perspective on parenthood, especially single parenthood and ultimately, it is very funny. The show features various kinds of single parents - including a former sugar daddy Douglas (portrayed by Brad Garrett), whose exotic dancer wife died leaving their twin girls behind, a barely adult Miggy (Jake Choi), whose pullout game wasn’t as strong as he had hoped and is now tempted to take any exit strategy he spots and overprotective Poppy (portrayed by Kimrie Lewis) who will do anything encourage her son to be individualistic and unique. 

It is this diverse group that Killam's Will gets – unwittingly – accepted and as he likes to call them, they become his village. The clueless Will gets inducted into this crazy family of single parents as he navigates through the tedious tasks of dating, self-care and most importantly finding his identity beyond being a parent for the first time in a long time. As the other parents help him separate the parent Will from the single and ready to mingle Will, he, in turn, brings a lot of heart and love to the group.

As sappy and corny as the premise sounds, ABC finds a way to make it work, and ultimately it is right on brand for them. ‘Single Parents,’ like most other ABC family shows is about being a minority and yet finding your people and being a family that sticks together through thick and thin. 



Beyond that, this show is a must-watch for any Killam fan, because we finally get to see glimpses of who he is as an artiste beyond the façade of exaggeration and imitation. As the ‘SNL’ alum said during one of the promotional events for the show, his being a father in real life will seep into 'Single Parents’ for sure and we are all for that. We would get to see the full spectrum of his talents as not only a comedian, but as a dramatic actor as well. At a certain point we would hope to see his talented wife Cobie Smulders appear on a guest role or a recurring one – may be as the wife who left him with their baby girl?  

Bottom line is, if you're looking to follow a brand-new wholesome comedy, tune in to ABC at 9:30|8:30c on Wednesday, September 26 and let ‘Single Parents’ take your mid-week blues away.