Lucy Banks: Single mom-of-two buys house for her sons with OnlyFans earnings

Lucy Banks: Single mom-of-two buys house for her sons with OnlyFans earnings
OnlyFans content creator, single mother of 2, earns $2,500 per day that allowed her to get a house for herself and her sons. (Instagram/@itsnotlucybanks)

PERTH, AUSTRALIA: A single mother of two sons, based out of Perth, earns almost $2,500 a day on OnlyFans, which has made it possible for her to invest in property. She has bought a house for herself and has effectively placed her sons on the property ladder before they turn 10. However, the kids themselves were keen to invest in the house as the adult content creator reveals that they collectively chipped in $100 dollars for a $5.50 return each week.

While speaking to a writer for Daily Mail's FEMAIL section, Lucy Banks, 31, said, "My eldest son did school banking earlier this year and immediately questioned his teacher about deposit interest rates. I wish I had that kind of financial acumen at 20, let alone before I was 10. My kids both gave me $100 each to 'invest' in this new house. Once we have tenants in it, they'll both receive $5.50 each a week." Her boys, who are clearly smart for their age, came up with the idea of earning $100 each by doing chores and saving birthday money over a period of time. The content creator, who is earning a fortune with her OnlyFans account, continued talking about the fact that she finally has a house, and about some of the weird fantasies that people come to her with.


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She continued, "It never even crossed my mind to include the kids in buying investment properties but my eldest son is so excited and is constantly talking to me about how to maximize their investment. They have already worked out that by the time they are adults themselves, they will have enough for their own house deposits - all from this initial $100 deposit as children." She reveals that she quit her corporate job to start her OnlyFans and earn a fortune. Banks continues, "It is the best decision I have ever made. It provides me with full flexibility and freedom to be there for my children, I earn way more money than I did in my corporate job, and my stress levels are minimal."


Lucy Banks uses OnlyFans money to buy house for sons

Even though OnlyFans was easy, she couldn't help but reveal four of the weirdest requests for videos she has received over time. First, was paid $300 for 15 seconds of video to oil herself up and slide across the kitchen bench on her tummy. Second, she was specifically asked to create a three-minute-long video showing off her stretch marks, loose skin, scars, and ANY imperfections on her body. The third request has to be the weirdest. She was asked to record a video of her with her phone on the ground and looking up. That would make her look really tall and she was asked to play the role of a giant and pretend to stomp on people. The last request was to see her fully-clothed and pretend that her phone is the subscriber while she rolls her eyes and ignores the subscriber.


Banks is clearly aware of the property rate hassle that the entire world is facing right now, and is pretty much concerned about the interest rates that are at a seven-year high. She continues taking, "Buying a property is such a huge hurdle. There is no way I could have bought a property as a single mother, without OnlyFans. There are plenty of people that will judge me for my job, but I am so grateful to be able to provide for my children so they don't have to struggle like I have had to. My boys won't be receiving hand-outs or trust funds - but I will put them through the best schools and I will help them be financially smart. The rest is up to them. They also make typical kid choices, like spending money on Roblox and chocolates! But ultimately, they're conservative with saving the money they have earned."

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