"A phoenix-from-the-ashes moment": Singer Tiggi Hawke on her new summer anthem 'Remedy' with the Cowens Brothers

Previously, Tiggi's music has been compared to those of Major Lazer and MO - her tracks holding a certain vivacious resemblance to theirs, as believed by critics.

                            "A phoenix-from-the-ashes moment": Singer Tiggi Hawke on her new summer anthem 'Remedy' with the Cowens Brothers

Tiggi Hawke has done it again. From the star who surprised the masses with her incredibly touching, deep single 'Me Too', comes yet another emotional track that is sure to set any party ablaze in the summer. Expected to become the summer anthem of the year, Tiggi's new single - 'Remedy' - is truly a remedy for anybody addicted to infectious beats and some strikingly strong hooks in tow. The track - which is out now - is also Tiggi's first collaboration with the Cowens Brothers. And with her stunning vocals, it's no secret that the boom is going to be quite significant.

Previously, Tiggi's music has been compared to that of Major Lazer and MO - her tracks holding a certain vivacious resemblance to theirs, as believed by critics. And this track, Remedy, has already garnered massive support from the audience - especially at the trio's sold out club appearance at CLIVE in Belgium earlier this month, where the response was incredible.

Tiggi's existing fan backing comes from prominent platforms like Radio 1, KISS, ROTD, Spotify, Wonderland and The Sun - along with millions of streams that come from fans worldwide. But when it comes to this particular track - which is believed to gift fans with a slice of dancehall electro inspired pop - this is what Tiggi herself has to spill.

Tell us a little bit about your upcoming track Remedy. What was it like to collaborate with the Cowens Brothers? 

It was such a great experience! They sent me the instrumental track and I got to write with one of my favorite writer/singer, Polina, while we were both in LA which was so much fun. A bit of internet back and forth, we were done and the track was ready. Until I went to Belgium to film the video with Cowens Brothers we had never met face-to-face and they were two of the nicest producer/DJ’s I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and working with. So yeah, an all round awesome experience!

What inspired you to write this song? How was the writing process different from that of Me Too?  

Polina and I wanted to write a song with emotional substance and we finally decided on Remedy because to us, it’s about being there for someone or someone being there for you, even if you think you don’t need it. It’s a situation I’ve definitely been on both sides of, needing help or wanting to give help, and it's the reassurance that together we can make everything ok and we can make it better. Whether it’s a friendship or a relationship, I think it’s very uplifting, the light at the end of the tunnel kind of vibe which I love!

I am anticipating the track to become a power-packed summer anthem, which in fact would make it so exceptionally different from Me Too. But you've released tracks like Me Too in the past. How do you go about ensuring versatility in your music without compromising on individuality?   

Remedy is definitely a huge progression from Me Too, it feels to me like a phoenix-from-the-ashes moment, which is obviously a stark contrast. The songs I write reflect my emotions so it’s only natural that they’ll vary but I do try and keep them in the same genre. Remedy is a collaboration so naturally, it's closer to the dance genre that I would normally write but it has electro roots, for sure, like Dangerous Behaviour. Although the lyrics are from my own experiences, I always try and make them accessible to everyone who listens to them so that they can also connect to the story. I’m sure I don’t always achieve it, but I definitely try! 

Tiggi's music has been compared to those of Major Lazer and MO - her tracks holding a certain vivacious resemblance to theirs, as believed by critics. Source: Tiggi Hawke.
Tiggi's music has been compared to those of Major Lazer and MO - her tracks holding a certain vivacious resemblance to theirs, as believed by critics. Source: Tiggi Hawke.

What was working on your previous hit ‘Dangerous Behaviour’ with DJ Mike Mago like?    

It was a different process but it was still really good. For Dangerous Behaviour, I wrote the top line in London and through some strange email coincidence it landed in his inbox and the rest is history. Again, we didn’t meet until after the song was finished! I know that seems strange but we spoke over email and text so it was like we had already met, he’s a lovely guy and very talented so working with him was great!

Your music has been compared to the likes of Major Lazer and MO; How do you look at these comparisons?    

With amazement!! They’re both 2 artists I admire and whose music I love, it’s an honor for anyone to compare my music with the likes of theirs. They’re so talented and genuine, they seem really lovely too. I mean, if you have their numbers, I’d love to meet them! 

How did you embark on the journey to being a pop star? Was this what you always dreamt of becoming?    

You know, it was always my dream but it was more of a distant, unlikely one than anything else! I started writing music when I was 15 while at school and I continued to write at what is now Tileyard Studios in London until about two years ago when I decided to start my own artist career. It’s strange, I never planned to make music my profession, it just didn’t seem viable if I’m honest and I didn’t study music which made it even more unattainable, so some twist of fate managed to push me towards music and I couldn’t be more grateful! My family and friends have been unbelievably supportive, I can credit so much of my journey to their love and support.

If you weren't a pop-siren, what alternate profession would you be in, and why?    

Wildlife photographer, no question about it! To be able to capture the rawness of nature is something so special while still being creative sounds perfect to me. Not as perfect as singing and writing though… And I’d definitely have to brush up on my camera skills!

What has been the greatest driving force in your journey?    

My family and friends have been invaluable in helping me get to where I am right now, they’ve been there for the good times and the not so good and helped pick me up when I needed it the most. I feel so lucky to be surrounded by such grounded yet ambitious people, they really push me to do better and be better. They are certainly a huge part of what drives me, the rest is from personal experiences and wanting to reach as many people as possible with my music!

Who would you call the biggest inspiration in your life? How have they impacted you?    

My cat, Mr Business, he’s just so laid back and fluffy… I’m joking! Without a doubt it’s my parents (clichéd much?), their ultimate work ethic and strength of character is something I will always aspire to. They’ve taught me so much, mostly by watching me ignore their advice, but by making sure they are always there to help me up if I fall down. My family has been with me through thick and thin, plus somehow they survived my brother and my teenage years and for that alone, they deserve a medal!

If you had to describe your music in three words, what would you go with?   

Emotive, uplifting, honest!

What would you call your biggest hurdles professionally? How would you say those experiences shaped the artist that you are?    

I would say that I’m actually my biggest hurdle. I’m definitely my worst critic and a perfectionist so I’ve had to learn to let go and take a step back in the past few years! Confidence, for me, is always an ongoing battle, especially when you’re writing and releasing music about personal experiences but I’m getting there (I hope!). I’ve been fortunate in that, being a woman in music, my negative experiences are getting fewer and farther between as the movement towards gender equality is promoted and understood. Definitely, all of the above has shaped me and changed more, hopefully, for the better and I know for a fact it’ll keep doing that for years to come.

What are some of your most exciting upcoming projects?  

New music is always my favorite type of upcoming project! Got a few of those in the pipeline for you guys along with some gigs in London and Europe, I can’t wait! I have no idea what the rest of the year holds aside from that, so I’ll play it by ear… I always let people know about gigs on Instagram (@tiggihawke) so watch that space and I’d love to see you at a gig near you!