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‘Want my son back’: Aaron Carter checks into rehab to regain custody of Prince, his 10-month-old child

The singer explained that his fiancée Melanie Martin's mother was granted custody of the couple's son due to domestic violence and drug use
UPDATED SEP 14, 2022
Aaron Carter is embroiled in a custody battle of his child with fiancée Melanie Martin who accused him of fracturing three of her ribs during a dispute (Aaron Carter/Instagram)
Aaron Carter is embroiled in a custody battle of his child with fiancée Melanie Martin who accused him of fracturing three of her ribs during a dispute (Aaron Carter/Instagram)

TAMPA, FLORIDA: The 'I Want Candy' singer, Aaron Carter checked himself into rehab to regain the custody of his 10-month-old son, Prince. Carter stated that he is voluntarily attending an outpatient rehab program. Aaron shares Prince with fiancée Melanie Martin. The pair split shortly after Prince’s birth, but they’ve since reconciled.

Carter stated, "I want my son back. That's the headline right there, I want my son back. Being a dad is the most important thing to me. Just being domesticated and civilized and adulting and taking care of my responsibilities."


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Melanie's mother currently possesses custody of the couple's 10-month-old son Prince under court order due to drug and domestic violence claims. In an interview with The Sun, the 34-year-old stated that "The main reason why I enrolled into Lionrock Recovery outpatient is to help with the weed. I don't want to smoke weed anymore. I don't really need to." Carter expressed his excitement about being a parent, he said, "I do group therapy, parenting classes, domestic violence classes, I got myself certified in CPR, just a lot of different things."


Melanie vs Carter

"It's new being a parent but it's actually become really fun and exciting and given me a new chapter of my life. It's been amazing,” said Carter. Melanie's mother currently has custody of the couple's 10-month-old son Prince under a court order, Carter claimed, amid worrying drug and domestic violence claims. Carter and Melanie Martin have been in an on-and-off relationship. The couple welcomed their child on November 2021. The Blast between the duo began when Carter petitioned the court for full legal and physical custody of Prince. 


He also alleged abuse from Melanie that was documented on February 23, 2022. Later in March, Melanie requested an order against Carter, alleging in court docs he broke three of her ribs during an argument regarding medication. There were several fights between this couple that took place on social media platforms as well.  However, the couple has rekindled their romance after therapies.

Marijuana, Xanax, and huffing addiction 

While speaking about addiction, he said, "I have a medicinal marijuana license to grow up to 99 plants a year. But I threw away all that gear, I sold all of it, got rid of all my plants and my strains I was growing." He further continued, "And I was never even told I had to do that by DCFS [Department of Children and Family Services] or by the State of California. They never took away my guns, they never took away my regimented medications." 


The singer admitted to taking Xanax, he said, "I'll be working on a project or something, there [have] been lots of different things, I think a lot of it is just kind of over-exaggerated. I do take Xanax. He then added, "Xanax is a part of my regimented medication that I take from Aloe House that was prescribed to me in rehab, so I take a regimented medication, a series of medications which helps keep me clean from huffing dust."


He also added, "Some people need medications to function normally after they have f****ed up their brain huffing duster cans and suffering over 100 seizures and going through all of that and still be able to have normal cognitive conversation today." He then explained, "I go through everything above board. Nothing ever off the streets, ever. I would never do that," Carter also said, "I lost my sister to an accidental drug overdose so I would never do that. I would never overtake my medication."

Carter then opened up regarding his insomnia issues, "There [have] been many times where, because I have insomnia, I'll take my medication for sleep and then I'll go on a live-stream, and I'll get really sleepy. I should be going to sleep but sometimes I'll stay up a little later than I should." Carter confirmed that there is a hearing sometimes this month for the custody of the child."