'Simulant': Release date and how to watch the sci-fi thriller

'Simulant': Release date and how to watch the sci-fi thriller
Robbie Amell and Jordana Brewster in 'Simulant' (IMDb)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: The cinematic world has produced unforgettable AI movies over time. Be it 'Her' or 'Interstellar', people have observed what AIs are capable of. Technology is expanding and becoming an inseparable part of human life filmmakers continue to make movies revolving around this concept. One such addition to the genre is 'Simulant' directed by April Mullen.

The sci-fi thriller movie follows a widow searching for comfort following the loss of her husband and uses an android simulant, or SIM, to create his image. She is unable to love that SIM, who looks exactly like her husband. To win her back, the AI goes to another extent. The film clears that the unrequited love in a SIM has far more dire consequences than known to humans. 'Simulant' stars Jordana Brewster and Sam Worthington in the lead. The screenplay by Ryan Christopher Churchill, 'Simulant' is produced by Tim Doiron and James van der Woerd of WANGO Films. To know the release date of the sci-fi film, keep reading.


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When will 'Simulant' release?

'Simulant' distributed by Vertical Entertainment, is set to release on May 5.

How to watch 'Simulant'?

'Simulant' will have a VOD release on May 5.


Watch the trailer of 'Simulant' below:


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 'Simulant': Release date and how to watch the sci-fi thriller