Who is Jonathan Owens? Simone Biles confirms love with new boyfriend in mushy Instagram photos

'What happened with the other boyfriend?' asked some fans while others supported Biles

                            Who is Jonathan Owens? Simone Biles confirms love with new boyfriend in mushy Instagram photos
Simone Biles (Getty Images)

Olympic gymnast Simone Biles confirmed her relationship with footballer Jonathan Owens in two romantic pictures she posted on Instagram on Sunday, August 2. Biles captioned the post, 'it's just us' where the couple was seen all cozied up with smiles and love in the air. The couple was rumored to be together for quite a while now. You can see the photos here.

Recently, Biles also shared a video on Twitter where the pair was seen dancing in each other's clothes.


But now Biles has made her love all 'official' with Owens.

In no time, people started reacting to her post saying, "Omgggg perfect in a picture god I love that hair on you so much you don’t even know," and "Whoa. Black love. You guys are gorgeous together." While some of her fans were all happy for her, they said, "Ohhhhh u gotta new man. Where I been?? Hey y'all" and "I must’ve missed the memo regarding the last relationship... well, congrats on the new vibes regardless!!!!"

While some Internet users questioned, "What happened w the other dude?? I’m honestly just so confused." and "LOL what happened to her other bf pointing out to Biles' long time ex-boyfriend Ervin Jr". Some people came out to her support and said "Haters she can always move on... y’all idiots has never been in relationships so stfu.. she seems happy and he got his shit together." Wanting to know more about what happened one fan even said, "Okay, let me just say. I am SO damn happy for Simone. I want the best for her in every aspect of her life. I just wanted to know how they broke up so I could unfollow other dude."

Jonathan Owens is a 25-year-old budding NFL player who is all set to go big in the football world. He was recently signed up by Houston Texans and was previously signed up by Arizona Cardinals.

Biles, who has 3.9 Million followers on Instagram was previously dating wrestling star Stacey Ervin Jr. However, in an interview with Vogue in 2020, she confirmed that she separated with him in March and how the break up was quite harsh but whatever happened was for the best, “It’s hard being young and having that long of a relationship and then ending it,” Biles told Vogue, “but it was for the best.” Later, on August 2, she made her love with Owens Insta 'Official'.

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