'Silicon Valley' Season 6 Episode 4 promo reveals Jared finally meeting his birth parents while Richard faces a rude employee

'Silicon Valley' Season 6 Episode 4 promo reveals Jared finally meeting his birth parents while Richard faces a rude employee

Episode 3 of ‘Silicon Valley’ Season 6 was mostly ugly. Dinesh Chugtai (Kumail Nanjiani) conned his cousin into investing in PiedPiper in order to buy Hooli, an investment he would lose when the shares would devalue; Maximo Reyes (Arturo Castro) poached Colin (Neal Casey) from PiedPiper in order to bleed the company, and Richard Hendricks (Thomas Middleditch) teamed up with Jared Dunn (Zach Woods) to steal Hooli from under Gavin Belson’s (Matt Ross) nose, a move that would leave the future of the company’s employees in the balance.

But all in all, PiedPiper remained unscathed. A typical day, isn’t it? But what about the future. Despite Jared not being on talking terms with Richard over unsolvable differences — they both called each other “buddy-f*cker” at different instances — Jared came to PiedPiper’s rescue.

He is the one who let them know about how much Hooli was worth, letting Richard, Dinesh, Gilfoyle (Martin Starr) and Monica (Amanda Crew) plan and take over Belson’s brainchild. Does that mean Jared is ready to forgive Richard and his slight at Gwart, Jared’s new pet project? Unlikely.

In the episode, we saw Jared agreed to help them on one condition only — once PiedPiper took over Hooli, they would release Gwart’s product from under its domain. Jared, throughout the episode, sported sunglasses — a sign of assertion and not wanting to meet Richard’s eyes at the same time.

So, despite them momentarily joining forces to save PiedPiper and Gwart, it seems like Jared and Richard are doomed to no longer being friends. But things in Jared’s life seem to be looking up, if only slightly.

In the show, we know Jared grew up in foster homes. We know that his dad abandoned him and his family for a militia in the Ozarks. And he has since presumed his family dead. But that may not be the case. In a preview for episode 4 of ‘Silicon Valley’ Season 6, we see Jared saying his birth parents are actually alive.



The momentary burst of happiness is quashed completely in the next scene where his birth parents tell him they abandoned him to “simplify” their first-class air travel. I guess, growing up in foster homes looks better when you think of having parents like that, eh?

In PiedPiper, now with Reyes and Belson out of the way, Richard has a new problem -- an employee who makes fun of him. We see Dinesh try and inspire Richard to be more macho through inspirational videos (that Richard calls stupid).

Ultimately, however, we see Richard punch the employee, only to hurt himself. But that’s quintessential Richard. But whatever these trivial problems might result in, it seems for the time being PiedPiper is safe. But in the Valley, things don’t take too long to change. 


New episodes of ‘Silicon Valley’ premiere Sundays at 10 p.m. on HBO.

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