'Siesta Key': Fans call Brandon stupid because he is too late to realize Amanda is playing with his emotions

Brandon confronted Amanda's ex JJ about him and Amanda going out

                            'Siesta Key': Fans call Brandon stupid because he is too late to realize Amanda is playing with his emotions
Amanda, Brandon (MTV)

Brandon Gomes has found himself at the crossroads again and it has a lot to do with how Amanda Miller has been treating him. Even though she had made it clear that she'd like to make them exclusive, one could see that Brandon had feelings that were becoming increasingly difficult to hide. But, the boy did his best.

In this week's episode, it had gotten too much and to understand the complete picture, Brandon confronted JJ (Amanda's ex, with whom she has been hanging out). While it was great that he figured out that his emotions were being played with, the realization came in much later than it should have.

Madisson Hausburg, who used to date Brandon earlier, warned him that she wasn't sure if Amanda and her advances were for real. But he rejected her theory saying they were happy together. The relationship, however, started to go downhill when JJ arrived at the cruise party and one could see how she was immediately drawn towards him, his washboard abs and wakeboarding skills. 

Ever since then, nothing has been easy for Brandon. He continued to struggle trying to understand if Amanda and he were going somewhere until Jared Kelderman's pool party happened at Alex Kompothecras' mansion. Amanda confronted Brandon about how she was upset about him attending Robby Hayes' Rebella party despite knowing that he had stolen her phone and thrown it in the ocean. This was all very confusing for Brandon, who finally took a step and closed the chapter that had been bothering him for quite some time now. 

Meanwhile, fans think Brandon was 'stupid' to have not seen through Amanda all along. 

"Brandon...dude....you can’t be this stupid to not realize that Amanda wants to hook up with JJ #SiestaKey," a fan tweeted, while another wrote: "Amanda feels so disrespected with Brandon bc he went out with Robby, and yet she made out with JJ after making out w Brandon #SiestaKey."

"Do your OWN thing Brandon!!! Leave her fake a** alone!! JJ dumbass gon realize it later, and that’s when YOU will have the last laugh! Amanda looking like a straight up h** right now!! #SiestaKey," a viewer pointed out. "So Amanda can check Brandon for going to a party but he can’t inquire about another dude you’re dealing with? #SiestaKey," a user tweeted.

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