'Siesta Key' Season 3: Kelsey confronts Garrett about flirting with an ex at the party, fans say 'it's karma'

Kelsey confronted Garrett about flirting with someone from his past in her face and fans thought she deserved it

                            'Siesta Key' Season 3: Kelsey confronts Garrett about flirting with an ex at the party, fans say 'it's karma'

A highly eventful Halloween party was part of tonight's episode on MTV's 'Siesta Key'. The highlight of the episode, however, was Chloe Trautman and Juliette Porter. The ladies stood up for their friend Kelsey Owens who was made uncomfortable by the presence of a girl from her boyfriend Garrett Miller's past. Trautman and Porter went ahead and confronted Carli and after an explosive showdown between the two, Carli was seen storming out of the party. 

A voiceover followed Carli's entry into the party, informing viewers that Garrett is her personal trainer. Not only that, but the voiceover also added that their relationship hasn't always been professional and the two of them hooked up on and off in the past. Later on in the episode, they both greeted each other and were dancing with each other in a way that made everyone, especially Kelsey and her friends feel uncomfortable. Someone from Kelsey's group said, "Garrett just gave Kelsey a key to his apartment so why does it look like Carli is going home with him tonight?".

Later on, Kelsey confronted Garrett about what was happening between him and Carli. Garrett told her about their past which further aggravated Kelsey. She further nudged him about the matter saying, "Oh so it's someone from your past who you are still flirting with right in your girlfriend's face?"

Fans of the show, however, are not happy with how Kelsey handled the situation. She had hooked up with Alex Kompothecras in the past and fans think it's her karma that she's dealing with. "Chileeee Kelsey really trying it. f**ked a whole man and you up here yelling in Garrett's face #SiestaKey," wrote a fan. "Kelsey was flirting with Alex in front of Juliette’s face at one point too. I guess this is karma yet again. Lol #SiestaKey," wrote another. "Oh, whatever. Does Kelsey not remember she flirted/dated Alex in front of Garrett!? #SiestaKey" wrote another fan, 

The conversation between the couple escalated and Kelsey went ahead to invite Trautman and Porter to weigh in. The girls later went ahead to confront Carli about Garrett asking her how she knows him. Carli responded saying she knows him through Instagram and the girls were quick to add, "not because you had sex with him?" to which she answered in the positive. One thing led to another and Trautman and Porter asked Carli to leave the party since no one likes her and no one cares if she stays. Trautman even threw her drink at Carli who later went on to push the former. A lot of heated back and forth later, Carli stormed out of the party. Fans of the show might've not enjoyed Kelsey's reaction on seeing Carli but they thoroughly enjoyed Trautman and Porter's handling the situation.  

"I need some friends like @juliettep0rter & @chloe_trautman who will pour a drink on a girl who is flirting with my man #siestakey," wrote a fan. "Listen she’s lucky she ONLY got a drink dumped on her is all I’m saying... #SiestaKey," while another wrote.

'Siesta Key' airs Tuesday nights on MTV. 

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