Sia reveals motherhood leaves no time for a 'strings attached' relationship amidst Diplo booty shout-out

Sia also revealed her casual 'noo strings attached' relationship with Diplo, which was a suggestion she made now that she's a mom.

                            Sia reveals motherhood leaves no time for a 'strings attached' relationship amidst Diplo booty shout-out
Sia and Diplo (Getty Images)

In an interview, where musician Sia was supposed to speak about the enigma that is fellow musician Diplo, she also let slip and confirmed that the 'Cheap Thrills' singer is, in fact, a mom!

In a candid chat with GQ for a profile on Diplo, Sia came clean about how she is a mom, thereby deciding that she wants "to be single for the rest of her life". The context of it all was her text message to Diplo, where she spoke at length about how attractive she finds the fellow musician. “This year I wrote him a text, and I said, ‘Hey, listen, you're like one of five people that I'm sexually attracted to, and now that I've decided to be single for the rest of my life and I just adopted a son, I don't have time for a relationship.… If you're interested in some no-strings sex, then hit me up,'" Sia told GQ about her interaction with Diplo.

In the interview, Sia's main focus was Diplo and her ties with the musician that has been amplified by her recently collaborating with him on 'LSD',  Sia opened up in detail how she is 'sexually attracted' to Diplo, and how shocking it is for her that the very 'hot' musician is the most 'insecure' person ever. “Much of our relationship is just being spent trying not to have sex so that we wouldn't ruin our business relationship because he's super-duper hot,” she said, before revealing the giant life update mentioned above. 

Sia and dancer Maddie Ziegler perform at Barclays Center on October 25, 2016 in New York City. (Getty Images)


While the 45-year-old singer is yet to divulge much on her experience of motherhood, she was previously married to documentarian Erik Lang, before calling it quits in 2016. She is, however, not one to shy away from talking about how much she wants to be a mom, as just last May she opened up about hoping to adopt the 16-year-old up-and-coming rapper featured in the documentary 'Foster', that explored foster care in Los Angeles county based on the experiences of children living in those cares.

"Hey Dasani from "FOSTER" on @HBO! I'd like to adopt you we're just trying to find you and get my house check done etc. but I want you to know you will have a home with me," she had tweeted at the time, speaking about the teen whose history is detailed in the documentary that reveals he entered the system after bearing witness to the murder of his mother who was shot and killed by the man he considered his father.  Dasani was only four at the time.

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