When will 'The Chi' Season 4 Episode 9 air? Here's what to expect when Showtime series returns

The penultimate episode of 'The Chi' Season 4 will see character facing different problems in their lives

                            When will 'The Chi' Season 4 Episode 9 air? Here's what to expect when Showtime series returns
Curtiss Cook as Douda Perry in 'The Chi' (Showtime)

We are just one episode away from the much-awaited finale of ‘The Chi’ Season 4. It has been a roller-coaster ride for everyone and fans got to see how characters are trying to make their lives better and happier. But most importantly they are also trying to change the community through various means.

Episode 8 was all about love and how to win people back. Emmett tried very hard to make Tiff (Hannah Hall) realize that this “open relationship” thing is affecting him a lot and he just wants to have a good married life with her. However, Tiff is not ready to do that. Meanwhile, a lot has been happening with Kevin (Alex Hibbert). He is trying to make Gemma (Judae'a Brown) jealous by making new friends and talking to girls.


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Most importantly, Keisha (Birgundi Baker) is finally going out with a man who understands her and wants to be with her despite her past. The latest episode perfectly sets up the finale and we believe that characters will be going through a lot of turmoil when the finale arrives.

The next episode will be airing exclusively on Showtime on Sunday, July 25 at 9 pm ET. Before talking about the penultimate episode of the season, let’s get to know what happened during ‘Love Jones’.

A still from 'The Chi' (Showtime)

‘The Chi’ Season 4 Episode 8 Recap

So, just like always, we start with Emmett (Jacob Latimore) trying to get back with Tiff (Hannah Hall). He talks to Trig (Luke James) about the situation and Trig says that Emmett knows about his girl better than anyone so he should definitely do something. Emmett buys a CD of her favorite movie and they act like characters to make things better as he takes her out on a date.

However, when he tells her that he wants to be with her and wants to end the open relationship arrangement, she says no. He gives her the ultimatum that if she wants to be in an open relationship, then it is better for them to get separated.

Jacob Latimore as Emmett and Hannah Hall as Tiff in 'The Chi' (Showtime)

Meanwhile, Kevin is desperate for having someone special in his life. Keisha is finally getting to know Christian who clearly likes her and asks her out on a date once again. After having a fun night with each other, they finally kiss. On the other hand, Trig wants Jake to talk to Kevin and make things alright. But he tells his father that he needs to mend things with his girl as well. Trig works out a deal with him and says if he talks to Jake then Trig will talk to his girlfriend.

Kevin finally confronts Gemma (Judae’a Brown) and asks her if she still loves him. She says that she still loves him, but she is moving on and has someone else in her life now. Gemma also made him realize that he was her first love but he doesn’t have to be his last.

Alex Hibbert as Kevin and Judae'a Brown as Jemma in 'The Chi' (Showtime)

‘The Chi’ Season 4 Episode 9 Spoilers

The ninth episode, titled ‘Southside with You’, will see Emmett talking to one of his female friends about his situation and the ultimatum she gave to Tiff. He told her the truth, but it seems Tiff was not ready. The biggest reason was that she has been cheated on numerous occasions by him and according to that friend, it may be too late for him to settle down with her.

Douda (Curtiss Cook) talks with Trig about something, but it seems Douda’s priorities are something else now. He is drunk on power. When Trig leaves his office, Marcus stops him and warns him that if he wants to protect the community from someone, then it should be Douda.


The promo ends with Douda saying, “They say the best way to appreciate your life is to come close to losing it. I saw my life flash before my eyes.” He was clearly talking about the shooting incident. Let’s see if Douda tells Trig about the person who shot him or not. It will be so exciting when the name finally comes out.

‘The Chi’ Season 4 returns with the penultimate episode on Sunday, July 25, at 9 pm ET.