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'Promised Land' fans awed by how Margaret smartly played and got Billy back

Fans of the show were flummoxed with what happened
Joe Sandoval (John Ortiz) and Margaret (Bellamy Young)Promised Land (ABC)
Joe Sandoval (John Ortiz) and Margaret (Bellamy Young)Promised Land (ABC)

ABC's 'Promised Land' features the big Sandoval family that has many things complicated. The show made a big debut on January 24, 2022, after introducing the viewers to the Sandovals family and their wine empire. 

In Episode 4 of the 'Promised Land', the viewers were able to observe complications between Joe Sandoval (John Ortiz) and Lettie's (Cecilia Suarez) relationship after Joe discovered that Lettie was cheating on him with his brother Billy (Rolando Chusan). On the other hand, Margaret (Bellamy Young) is acting as a threat to the Sandoval family. She feels wronged, perhaps justifiably. Margaret seems to be the villain or antagonist in the series. Margaret doesn't leave any chance to add up the spice in the show. She tries every possible thing to bring complications amongst the family members of the Sandoval family. Margaret attends a lavish birthday party for their daughter Carmen (Mariel Molino) and gifts her a beautiful diamond set, thinking she can make some space in her heart. But Lettie disappointed Margaret, as she gave Carmen her first 'proud' piece of drawing that won Carmen's heart. Moreover, Margaret tries to bring Joe closer and take advantage of Lettie's mistake.


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Things became worse and more spiced up when everyone learned that Margaret had her hands in Billy showing up. Talking about Joe and Lettie, then Joe is not at all ready to forgive her for whatever she did to him. Joe tries his best but he can't take it out of his mind. 

Fans of the show were flummoxed with what happened. A fan tweeted, "Still not over the end scene with Margaret!!!! #PromisedLand @BellamyYoung @PromisedLandABC." Another fan tweeted, "Oh How I just loved Margaret's confession πŸ€£πŸ˜‚ #PromisedLand." Another fan commented, "Dang, I don't think i realized JUST how hurt Joe really was to see Lettie with Billy. #PromisedLand." Another fan tweeted,"@PromisedLandABC & @ABCNetwork OMG is Margaret is really dancing with Joe 😳 well I hope it dosen't end like this for tonight #PromisedLand." Another fan said,"I KNEW THAT MARGARET HAD HER HAND IN BILLY SHOWING UP #PromisedLand." A fan called Margaret smart and said,"margaret is so smart!!!! #PromisedLand."