Tristyn Bailey’s family shares touching message and throwback photos ahead of Aiden Fucci sentencing

Tristyn Bailey’s family shares touching message and throwback photos ahead of Aiden Fucci sentencing
Tristyn Bailey's family also shared some never-seen-before photographs ahead of Aiden Fucci's (L) trial (Bailey Family, St Johns County Sheriff's office)

ST JOHNS COUNTY, FLORIDA: Aiden Fucci, the teen who killed his classmate Tristyn Bailey, by stabbing her more than 100 times will be sentenced on Tuesday, March 21. Meanwhile, a series of motions were filed by the defense attorney late Friday, March 17, which will now be taken up by Judge R Lee on Monday afternoon, March 20. Recently, the Bailey family released a statement honoring their 13-year-old daughter and shared a set of never-seen-before photographs. “To her family, Tristyn fulfilled every role to the fullest. As the baby of the family, she is treasured in every way", they said in the statement.

The emotional statement continued, “She was absolutely adored by her grandparents and spent much time with them even managing to get the most attention as a baby from her grandad than any sibling before her. As a daughter, Tristyn always exceeded the expectations that were put in front of her. She was dedicated and thoughtful. Stacy and Tristyn enjoyed a great many memories from cheer weekends and enjoyed a close bond.”


Aiden Fucci, 14, who stabbed Tristyn Bailey 114 times 'heard voices that told him to kill'

Aiden Fucci's mom Crystal Smith washed his bloody jeans after Tristyn Bailey's murder

(Tristyn Bailey with her family)
Tristyn Bailey with her family (Bailey Family)

'Tristyn was very involved in competitive cheer'

Tristyn was an enthusiastic cheerleader as the family recalled and poured their love for her by saying, “Tristyn was very involved in competitive cheer. She was a base in the stunt groups and took her role very seriously in protecting her flyers. Her teammates recall the ever-present encouragement Tristyn would give. Her coaches have been very complimentary of her willingness to fill in for injured team members on different squads until they could return.” The statement concludes by saying, “Tristyn made an incredible impact in 13 years and it is a travesty to not see what she would have done. We remain forever, Tristyn Bailey Strong!”

(Tristyn Bailey, 13, with her family)
Tristyn Bailey, 13, was very involved in 'competitive cheer' (Bailey Family)

'Unduly prejudicial'

In one of the motions, the defense asks to prohibit testimony from Dr Gregory Prichard, a psychologist, arguing that his testimony will lack proper foundation as Prichard never did an in-person evaluation of Fucci, so his opinions would be “unduly prejudicial.” The motion didn’t talk about mental health testimony, but if the motion is denied then the defense will be obligated to call on an in-rebuttal of Prichard, as per Law&Crime.

Bailey, 13, was found stabbed to death on May 9, 2021, Mother’s Day, in Durbin Crossing, not even a mile away from Fucci’s home. The guilty was 14, then, and was taken into custody the very next day.

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 Tristyn Bailey’s family shares touching message and throwback photos ahead of Aiden Fucci sentencing