Shawn Mendes hints 'it's coming', fans can't wait to hear new lead single from 'SM4'

Can we freak out yet? It is still too early to tell, but Shawn Mendes did say 'It's coming' when asked about a lead single for 'SM4'

                            Shawn Mendes hints 'it's coming', fans can't wait to hear new lead single from 'SM4'
Shawn Mendes (Getty Images)

Shawn Mendes fans are losing their minds on Twitter to the possible nearing of a new album dubbed 'SM4'. Although there is not enough evidence as to when exactly it will drop, the 21-year-old heartthrob did let out an "It's coming" when a superfan asked him directly when the upcoming album's lead single will release.

On Instagram, June 25, the fan wrote, "Are you a sweet, little bean, baby yoda sugar pie, lovely, dear, adorable little seedling, will you release the lead single?" Mendes replied with an equally cute tone: "You sweet little human butterfly ... It's coming." Check it out here.

The 'Señorita' singer's response has gotten fans in a frenzy on Twitter, craving and hoping for a new album to be released soon with the trending hashtag - #SM4ISCOMING. Among a multitude of ecstatic comments (in all caps), a fan said, "OH MY GOSH SM4 IS COMING MEANING AN ENTIRE NEW SHAWN ERAAA IM NOT OKAY #SM4ISCOMING" while another wrote, "I CANT STOP THINKING ABOUT THE NEW ERA AND ITS MAKING ME WANNA CRY AHHHH." One fan said, "Shawn is about to single-handedly save 2020." Another said, "Goodnight. Going to bed with a smile on my face. I can't contain my excitement."

Several fans also commented on the endearing nature of the singer's response. "I find his reply so adorable and so him, it’s been so long since we heard from him and even seeing him type out a sweet comment is the most endearing i missed him so much!!" shared a fan.

Earlier this year, Mendes had confirmed that a new album is in the works. On an Instagram Stories video shared by the singer on February 21, he began the clip with, “What’s up guys? I know that I haven’t been on Instagram at all lately." He added, “But I just wanted to say that I love, and I miss you so much. I’m making another album. So, yeah, I love you and I’ll see you soon!”

As fans know, Mendes' last studio album released in May 2018. Last year was a busy year for the singer as he trekked across the globe on his 'Shawn Mendes: The Tour', which supported the album. His latest release was the smash hit 'Señorita', which featured collaborator Camila Cabello. The track proved to be one of the year's most successful songs. It reached number one on the US Billboard Hot 100, as well as 35 other countries. It is also certified multiplatinum in 13 countries, including Diamond in France, Mexico, and Poland.

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